Meet Rachel

Shamanic Mentor, Teacher and Healer

I know very well that place you come to when something is either changing in ways that are not under your control or you know come hell or high water they have to change--whether by dramatic outer events or inner promptings. And you know deep down that whatever you do has to bring your spirituality into alignment with your work and service in the world. You must know and step up and into your purpose--your reason for being here.

That's why in 2007, I left my academic career at the University of Virginia to hang out my shingle as a shamanic healer and spiritual teacher.  I have never looked back. Since then, I have supported 3000+ clients and students unlock possibility into probability using the powerful tools for transformation and illumination of Awakened Heart Shamanism


In this beautiful spiritual pathway, I bring to the table the rich wisdom I have gathered from my own journey of healing from trauma and from decades of studying with teachers in many wisdom traditions: Native North American, indigenous from the Andes and Amazon in Peru, shamanic and Buddhist.

In addition to this wonderful work supporting others, I am a faculty member with Atlantic University, founded by the great psychic, Edgar Cayce.  I also live with my Puggle, Loki, and my tuxedo cat, Moppy in Charlottesville, VA on a magical place called Bliss Point Farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

To assist you in bringing your highest dreams into probability, I pull out of my Medicine Basket of Love the powerful tools of Awakened Heart Shamanism

You will never be the same.