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Activate Sacred Activism with Great Beings of Light for Personal & Planetary Peace

A 1-Day Free Workshop,
Saturday, August 20, 11am-5pm EST


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We are living through an unprecedented global transition loaded with both peril and promise. If you are a current or emerging visionary entrepreneur, activist, creative or healer, or just a concerned person, access the precious wisdom and ceremony of the ancient Inka and the Q'ero medicine people of Peru as we harness the highest personal and planetary destiny lines towards peace.

Sacred Cosmology

Learn the sacred cosmology of creation and anchor into the unbroken and eternal light of peace for present and future generations. 

Divine Guidance

Access the divine guidance of Great Cosmic Beings--Mountain Spirits, Animal Allies and Goddesses and Land and Waters--to heal yourself, your family, community, nation, and the world.


Learn simple ceremonies of fire and crystal to raise your own, your family, community's, and the world's highest vibrational field. Harness your natural ability to create energetic protection within, through and around you.  

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This is a rare opportunity to dip deeply into the sweet teachings of the Peacemakers Mesa for personal and planetary transformation.

The ancients knew this time was coming when the Children of Light would be needed to turn the tide of personal and collective suffering into an era of Great Peace. Rachel is honored to be one of thousands carrying forward this wisdom lineage in this time of personal and collective need. Let's pray to turn the tide of war and violence in all its forms towards humanity's highest destiny lines for future generations.

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Receive information about how to join through Zoom and some tantalizing videos about the transformational power of The Peacemakers Mesa as Sacred Activism for Peacemaking. 

Thank you for joining us in these critical times!

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