The Awakened Heart Mesa Program

The program is mapped to 6 Pathways of the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth. Each 3-day workshop provides an initiation and activation of the seeds of awakening and transformation in body, mind/emotions, soul and spirit. 

All of the classes are taught personally and sensitively by Rachel herself. Join her and other spiritual explorers to share in the pathways to heal yourself, step into your purpose, and harness your highest dreams for life and for a new earth of peace, harmony, compassion and love.


The first 3-day workshop of the 10 month program starts in early 2021, subject to the then current status of COVID-19. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates.  

The Pathway of the Builder

(Creating a Life of Harmony)


Earth, Stillness, Presence,

the Body, Earthdancing

DATE: TBC Early 2021

In this class, you will be introduced to the Awakened Heart Mesa as a spiritual path. The First Pathway engages the Middle World of the daily life and action through the opening of the heart. You will learn powerful songs of gratitude and healing and will cultivate Sacred Presence through practices of mindfulness, kindness and stillness and Mother's Milk meditations. You will journey with gentle Deer and Serpent Spirits in the Earth Wheel, where dances will tune your heart into the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Through the art of sacred storytelling, the Earth Mandala and Red-Bean, White-Bean Ceremonies, you will map a pathway to a new life of abundance, harmony and balance. You will leave knowing how to integrate simple and powerful spiritual practices into daily life to maintain stability, balance and an open heart. 

The Pathway of the Healer

(Transforming Wounds

into Gifts)


Water, Mind/Emotions, Change, Transformation, Peacemaking


DATE: TBC Early 2021

The Second Pathway engages the Lower World of what is unseen in the darkness where you will befriend your shadow - your sacred double. Through shamanic journeying with powerful Raven, Bear and Jaguar Spirits, you will meet and transmute your personal and ancestral wounds and bring back gifts of peace You will learn the practices of purification of heavy energies in your Light Body and chakras through the energy medicine of shaking, feather fanning, the rattle and sacred spiral. An initiation in to sacred relationship with the water through the Sacred Flower-Water Ceremony will cleanse mind, heart and body, so that you may step into a fresh, new life free from the past.

The Pathway of the Teacher

(Stepping Into Wisdom)


Air, Soul, Dreaming, Purpose, Wisdomstanding


TBC Early 2021

The Third Pathway will take you to the Upper World where you will partner with the soul force of your Higher Self to dance with your dreams for the lifting up yourself and the plant. You will journey to the Temple of Possibilities to read your soul record, learn the deeper meaning and intention behind events in your life, and step into your purpose. Through journeying with Hummingbird, you will retrieve yet-to-be actualised soul parts and remove obstacles in the way of manifesting possibility into probability your highest dramas for life. Buffalo Spirit will teach you the Ceremony of the Sacred Staff to find your unique voice of wisdom and authority, so that you are empowered to step forward into spiritual service to others and the planet.

The Pathway of the Visionary

(Calling Forth a New Life)


Fire, Spirit, Mystery, Creation, Spiritreleasing


TBC Early 2021

The Fourth Pathway calls you to the Mountain Spirits to fly up and into the Great Mystery where you will know yourself as one with all of life. You will journey with Condor-Eagle to the Seat of your Guides and Teachers who will give your words of hope, inspiration, guidance and wisdom for your journey. Through the Sacred Fire Ceremony, you will learn how to be a Creator-being as you release all attachment to outcomes. You will harness a greater vision for your life and the planet in the Sacred Mountain Ceremony.

The Pathway of the Ceremonialist

(Tending to Mother Earth and the People)


The Shaman, Initiation, Vision, Earthleading


TBC 2021

The Fifth Pathway calls you into service to Mother Earth and the People. You will learn how to build a Sacred Earth-Altar to call forth the abundant energies of the Stone and Rock People, the Plant and Tree People, the Two- and Four-Footed, the Winged, Feathered, Furred, Scaled and Shelled to bring the world back into harmony and balance. You will learn the art of building and holding a ceremonial container with Mother Earth, All Your Relations, the Great Beings of Light, Angels and Archangels through prayer, form, presence and speech.

The Pathway of there World-Healing Shaman

(Embracing Visionary Healership and Creativity)


Priesthood, Ceremony, Energy, Earthhealing


TBC Early 2021

The Sixth Pathway calls you into dancing with the archetypes of a new earth of healing, peace, compassion and love. Through Sacred Drama, you will meet and transform individual and collective suffering into creative gifts of vision for the uplifting of humanity seven generations into the future and beyond. You will partner with your Awakened Heart community to make a contribution of love to the world. You will be initiated into sacred relationship with the ancient lineages of the Awakened Heart Mesa.

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