If you wish to go deeper into the study of inspiring spiritual wisdom and shamanism,

create your Awakened Heart Mesa.


The Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition is a pathway of profound spiritual learning and illumination, drawing on thesse ancient and contemporary lineages:

  • Native North American teachings of peacemaking, harmony and balance.

  • The mesa tradition of the Q'ero Nation in Peru.

  • The transformation and expansion of consciousness of shamanism.

  • Practices of awareness, mindfulness and loving kindness of Vipassana Buddhism.

  • The understandings of mind and emotions of western psychology.

Through prayer, meditation, sacred song, dance and drumming, earth arts, ceremony and energy healing, you are initiated into a deep and intimate realationship with yourself, Mother Earth, the many beings in unseen dimensions and Creator/Spirit.

You will step into greater abundance, self-empowerment, wisdom and authenticity.

Practices of Self-Reflection, Energy Healing & Ceremony

In this 10-month program with 6 three-day weekend workshops, 1-1 mentoring from Rachel, and online resources, you will become a mesa carrier in the Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition through practices of self-reflection and activation, energy healing and ceremony. 

  • Learn a powerful transformational map for navigating transitions and challenges in your life...

  • Unlock possibilities and lifelong dreams into possibility...

  • Develop a profound, enduring and felt connection to the Spirit within, through, around All That Is...

  • Amplify your intimate connection with Mother Earth...

  • Trust your unbroken connection with your Higher Self, Teachers, Guardians and access their wisdom for your life...

  • Learn how to call forth personal and planetary healing, balance and harmony...

  • Anchor your sprituality in service of the transformation of suffering and awakening of the light in others and the planet through visionary healership and creativity...

  • Join a community of spiritual explorers, holding a vision of a new earth of peace, harmony, compassion and love...

Your Awakened Heart Mesa will hold all of your wisdom and power as you go forth in life. it will heal you and the world.

Identify and transform the wounds, blocks, old soul contracts and beliefs holding you back. 

Six Pathways

of the

Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth

The Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition is mapped to 6 Pathways of the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth. In each 3-day workshop you build a mesa through an initiation into these wisdom lineages: 

  • The Pathway of the Builder (Creating a Life of Harmony)

  • The Pathway of the Healer (Transforming Wounds into Gifts)

  • The Pathway of the Teacher (Stepping into Wisdom)

  • The Pathway of the Visionary (Calling Forth a New Life)

  • The Pathway of the Ceremonialist (Tending to Mother Earth and the People)

  • The Pathway of the Leader (Stepping into Visionary Healership and Creativity)