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Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation. Woman sitting in a lotus position with right hand on

The Art of Crystalline Healing
for Personal & Planetary Peace

Activate your highest vibrational frequency and that of the planet with this luminous wisdom and earth-inspired crystalline practices from ancient wisdom reimagined for contemporary times.

My offerings are inspired by and adapted from Native American spirituality, the sweet cosmovision of the Q'ero medicine people of the Peruvian Andes, Vipassana Buddhism, and shamanism.

These programs and courses call forth powerful transformation and healing for yourself, our ancestors, family, communities, and the planet. 

I walk you through how to develop clarity and courage into the fulfillment of your soul's purpose while anchored in a place of refuge and peace within. 

As we navigate the chaos and peril in the world, I offer you pathways to honor your grief, fear and anger while keeping the fires of hope alive as together we Build a Great Wave of Peace. 

Be part of an inspired and caring community of like-minded sacred activists!   

Scroll down to take in what I have to offer. 

May you be excited, inspired, and nourished along the way!

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Momentum to Change Mentoring Program

7 Pathways to Harness Your Soul's Purpose to Be in Sacred Service to Others and the World

Shapeshift into your true, authentic, creative self

and inspired service to others with powerful natural pathways for inner and outer change with 1-1 support from me. 

Momentum to Change: 7 Sacred Pathways for Personal Transformation is a 3-Month program that offers you:

  • Deep healing of personal and ancestral wounds

  • The uncovering and removal of conscious and unconscious blocks in thinking and beliefs

  • A discovery, retrieval & integration of your natural soul gifts and creative parts of self

  • The catalyzation of your highest destiny to live a fulfilling, engaged and passionate

  • Inner and outer change into greater courage, confidence and authentic self-expression.

  • An understanding of your unique mission and purpose in life.


The Activated Constellation of Transformation & Healing for Personal & Planetary Peace


This 7-session course starting Saturday October 8 offers a unique, visionary approach that combines energetic healing of personal, transgenerational wounds with shamanic wisdom teachings, earth- and spirit-anchored meditations, visualizations, sacred song and dance, prayerwork and ceremony as a pathway to energize a healing force for peace for yourself, your family, community and in the world. Unlock your passion, gifts & potential for sacred service to your family, community and the planet through a trauma-informed, shamanically activated personal journey anchored into a soul-infused, mystical worldview.


A Free Monthly Gathering

Heal Your Beautiful Self, 
Heal Our Beautiful World

Join Rachel for a monthly free gathering to heal ourselves and heal our beautiful world out of old traumas and global violence and into peace. Learn some basic practices and ceremonies for building the fires of compassion within your own heart, and hear visionary teachings about a radical future where violence is no more and there is an embracing of unity in diversity and peace for 7 generations and beyond. 

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