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Your Crystalline Peacemaking Premium Membership

Activate your true crystalline nature,

upshift your vibrational frequency

and bring healing and peace to the planet with luminous, ancient earth-inspired practices renewed for these times. 

In these tumultuous times, it is important to remember and maintain your luminous connection with higher vibrational frequencies of light and your true crystalline nature. 

In this Premium Membership, you will have access to Rachel's most up-to-date online, on demand courses and teachings.

Packed with hours of audio and video wisdom teachings, meditations, prayers, sacred songs, and step-by-step guidance for ceremonies to cleanse and clean your Light Body, protect yourself through connecting with powerful Cosmic Beings of Light of Earth and Sky, and other shamanic practices, you will build the fires of compassion, peace and love in your own life and for your loved ones, communities and the world. 


What You Get

These are the courses and programs you get in the Membership. 
And keep on signing in because there will be more wonderful offerings as the year goes on! 

Teresa the flowers and Lynch River.jpeg

Shamanic Ceremonies for Cleansing Your Light Body

Learn 3 simple and sweet ceremonies with flowers and waters for cleansing your Light Body and Chakras and upshifting your crystalline vibration! A great way to start your day or your week!

Destiny Lines Membership 2022-23 Fireworks (1).jpg

Upshift personal and planetary destiny lines in 2022-23

Rachel offers a monthly series of talks on how the mystical, cosmological, shamanic worldview shows how we can harness our own and the planet's highest destiny lines in times of powerful change to create a better future. 

Crystaline matrix of peace vertical image.png

Embody Crystalline pathways for Protection, Healing and Peace

Join Rachel in exploring the pathways of Love-Light for protecting your own energy and for building the fires of Sacred Activism for Peacemaking in your heart. 

Woman in yoga pose praying to Buddha_edited.jpg

Crystalline Shamanic Teachings on the True Nature of Reality, Mother Life and Creativity

Open the doorways into a greater knowing about the holographic nature of reality and the cosmos and how your life is a creative manifestation of the God-Goddess Force of Creation.

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