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Business diversity and teamwork as a group of diverse people holding arms as a multiracial

For Organizations

Rachel Mann PhD offers universities, non-profits and NGOs soul-infused, earth-inspired, trauma-informed consulting, trainings, and retreats, both online and in person. Step into ancient and contemporary wisdom and practices from Native American spirituality, shamanism, Buddhism and western knowledge about violence, trauma, healing, and peace. Harness the power of ritual, ceremony, journeying, and meditation to create a transformational vibration for yourself, your organization, employees, the clients and communities you serve, and the planet. Build an organizational culture of healing through connection with the sacred. Work with Rachel and join a global movement to harness the highest destiny lines for all into a world of peace and compassion.  

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How You Will Benefit

  • Foster a positive organizational culture which encourages employees to feel hopeful, engaged and energized.

  • Build natural resilience and individual authenticity. 

  • Reenergize meaning, mission and purpose. 

  • Lay the foundation for integrating inclusive spiritual perspectives and practices into employee self-nourishment and into work with clients and communities you serve.

Rachel brings to your organization all of the following domains of knowledge, wisdom and practice from her academic, spiritual and activist work:  

  • Sacred Activist Tools for personal transformation, maintaining mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness: meditation, earth-based ceremony and ritual, and energy healing.

  • Academic Interdisciplinary Knowledge and Research on the dynamic interrelationship between violence, trauma, healing, peace, and spirituality.

  • Trauma-informed Practices for Community Caring, Compassion and Inclusion: Mindfulness of Suffering, Sacred Storytelling, Anchoring in the Compassionate Witness, The Two Truths of Soul and Body, Medicine Wheel Mandala.

  • Perspectives on Personal, Ancestral and Global Healing: How to harness the highest personal, community and global destiny lines for peace through transformational healing rituals and visionary.

A Crystalline Spiritual Pathway of Activism & Peacemaking

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Imagine the light of a crystal bringing clarity and expansiveness to your work. Ancient, earth-based wisdom and ceremony reborn in contemporary times holds the keys to personal and group healing, creating inner and outer peace, and upshifting your organization's service to your clients and communities into a higher vibrational frequency. It then becomes more impactful and easier to sustain.

Rachel supports your organization in standing courageously in the dynamic and transformational intersection between activism and the sacred, western mainstream approaches and spiritual approaches. The program she brings adapted from Buddhism, Native American spirituality and western shamanism focus as well on healing personal and ancestral traumas and building the fires of compassion--keys to peacemaking and ending violence.  Here are some of the ways she will support you in reimagining the sacred foundation of your organization's activism on the frontlines:

  • Evaluating the culture of your workplace in relationship to employee wellness, trust, support, healing, and meaning-making.

  • Exploring your organization's and employees' spirituality and beliefs and how the vital energy of the sacred can be integrated into their personal life and work with clients in respectful ways.

  • Teaching knowledge and practices that anchor yourself and client communities into spiritually- and trauma-informed healing perspectives and approaches.

  • Creating physical and energetic spaces and practices in the workplace and in client and community engagement that support introspection and transformation.

  • Fostering a caring and collaborative sharing circle where respectful personal storytelling and truthspeaking about grief and despair about the work and the state of the world.

  • Offering practices for members of the organization to reenergize and/or reimagine vision and goals anchored in a sacred view of life and creation. 

  • And others.....

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