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Magnetize Healing,
&  Global Peace

With Crystalline Shamanic Energy Pathways

A 6-Month Program with Rachel Mann PhD

Transmute trauma & get free of stubborn patterns & blocks 
by answering your calling to step up into your unique gifts.
Live a more thriving, creative, meaningful & purpose-driven life anchored in a powerful spiritual & healing way of living. 

This online class starts on 

Why the Crystal?

Crystals are commonly associated with 20th and 21st century New Age practices. Yet, the truth is that crystals have been central to many ancient wisdom traditions around the world, including the Inka, ancestors of the Q'ero people of the Andes, and the Tsalagi (Cherokee), among others. Crystals are living, conscious beings that vibrate in both this earthly space-time continuum, as well as in elevated frequencies of light. They are here in service to enable our higher selves, which are crystalline, to hold form in the physical incarnation. Deeply interconnected to the vast crystalline matrix of Creation, they carry the messages of the stars and the Cosmic Beings of Light, as well as information about your individual authenticity and purpose.


Crystals are also natural healers. Simply visualizing yourself in a crystal will begin to transmute any burdens in body, mind, and emotions that you carry. It will further provide you with protection from the heavy energies around you and raise your vibration. To that end, crystals are Great Peacemakers. 

Your crystalline nature holds the keys to your calling to Sacred Activism for Peacemaking as you heal personal, ancestral and global wounds. Discover how great the love of Mother Earth and the Great Cosmic Beings of Light is for you and this blue-green planet.  
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When you sign up for this online course, you will get:

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