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Navigate with Open Heart through Global Darkness
with Sacred Tools for Peacemaking

The world is on the brink. At every turn, it seems things can't get worse, but they do. There is climate change, a rising tide of authoritarian movements, wars, nationalist, white supremacist movements, and more. Even as significant advances were made in the 20th century for equality, equity and freedom for all, the resistance is rising and fierce. The shadow of an old consciousness of domination and oppression that has so marred humanity for millennia is ever more apparent. 

Are you feeling at times filled with grief, anguish, fear and even despair?

Do you find yourself at times losing hope for the planet's future?

At the same time, is it inspiring you to somehow be in service to keeping the heartbeat of healing and peace alive in the world? 

You can continue to build the energy towards creating a world that is rooted in compassion and kindness. 


Join Sacred Activists, Mandy Bird, LCHMC and Rachel Mann PhD in this groundbreaking 1-day course to express your deepest feelings and thoughts, explore and transmute your grief into authenticity, find a place of inner refuge and healing within the global darkness, keep the fires of hope and peace alive, and figure out how you can passionately make a difference. 

Our Hearts Can Remain Open,
Our Vision of Peace Clear

In this course, you will receive teachings about the cosmological, mystical meaning of what is happening today and how it is part of an emerging destiny line towards peace. 

You will understand what it means to be a Sacred Activist for Peacemaking in today's world and for the future. 

You will learn how, through engaging with your grief and transforming the wounds you carry, including the traumatic effects of this global darkness, you are contributing to a Great Wave of Peace globally. 

You will understand the archetypal nature of oppression and domination and how it can be shifted for past and future generations through individual and group ceremony.

You will be given a few powerful tools to support a daily transmutation of heavy processes in your body, mind and emotions, and to keep your heart open. 

You will step into an enduring and clear vision of the future ahead through this global storm into a planetary peace.  

The Power of Grieving to Authentic Peacemaking Mandy Bird_edited.jpg
A young woman holds a smoking palo santo stick in her hands.Alternative medicine.Buddhist

Your Heart is Needed! 
Join Sacred Activists
Mandy Bird LCMHC
& Rachel Mann PhD

Friday, November 4

11am to 5pm ET/15-21pm GMT

Sign up by October 15

& get the Earlybird rate of $160!

Join Our Online Course

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