Heal Fully, Live Powerfully

Despite these desires, do you continue to feel stuck or that there is something missing or yet to be done in your life?  Is there a lot of conflict in your life? Is your energy always low for reasons you can’t identify and that doctors can’t diagnose? Do you not know quite how to get to your dream job, your true calling, or relationships that are sustaining, nurturing and loving?

Have you tried many things up until now–therapy, self-help and spiritual exploration and study, various healing modalities–but you still haven’t found the golden key to the joy, happiness, deeper meaning and purpose you have been longing for?

Life in the human body is not always easy.  Our world is filled with pain, violence and suffering–so much of it caused by human actions.

Yet, there is also so much potential for sweetness and abundance in every day.  You have this potential within you.

Many, many years ago, I discovered the power of energy medicine as a tool to heal the wounds of trauma and to consciously transform deep, limiting patterns in my own life.  At the time, I knew I was not doing what I was meant to do and I was dying inside. I was not getting younger.  I was also getting physically sick.

But fear about my financial survival and messages I had heard since childhood that I had to be “practical” and focus on the bottom line–that I had to sideline my creative and spiritual gifts and longings–held me back.The radical decision I made in 2007 to leave my long academic career with its good salary and benefits to step into the calling to be a shamanic healer and spiritual teacher could not have happened without this profound work.  Not only did I want more happiness in my life, but I wanted to be a force for good in the world.

My soul kept calling me. There were more and more strange synchronicities and signs that I needed to step up and trust that I would do well. So I did and 10 years later, I have a thriving shamanic healing practice with clients nationally and internationally.  I also have manifested the dream to be a spiritual teacher and to offer others the deep wisdom I have learned from Mother Life and my amazing teachers from Buddhism, Native American spirituality and shamanism.  It is a dream come true for me.

The sacred waters of my soul flow more freely in my day to day life.  My life continues to unfold in miraculous and amazing ways.

So it is that I ask you to consider what you want and need in your life…and what is not being met. What have you done up until now to change? Talk therapy? Positive thinking? Self-reflection? Meditation? There are a lot of great tools and pathways to heal out there.  But are you at a place where you feel like you’ve done so much and your life is still tough or unsatisfying?

There are a lot of ideas out there that if you just think positively, you can change outer conditions.  While this has some merit, it is also true that there can be deep, unseen forces within your subconscious and on the level of your soul which work like an undercurrent.  Childhood wounds. The wounds carried by your family of origin. Experiences in past lives which continue to impinge on the present. Even the pain and violence in the outer world can so deeply impact you, you fail to thrive.

Or you can no longer deny that you believe there is  more to life than just the body, mind and emotions. That there is a bigger, deeper current at work in your life that calls you to live more powerfully and fully.

To help you on the journey to embracing the greater vistas of your soul and spirit, I am offering a series of blogs called “Heal Fully, Live Powerfully,” of which this is the first.  You will get practical methods and perspectives from shamanic energy medicine and Mother Earth Mysticism to help you stay grounded and centered, empowered and loving.   I will share with you stories and anecdotes from my life to inspire, make you laugh, and help you dream.

In the meantime, believe in yourself. Believe that when you tap into the deep wisdom of your soul, you will thrive and live powerfully every day of your life.

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