Step Powerfully from the Old Year into the New Year with Shamanic Ceremony and Deep Spirituality

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I remember many decades ago when I was in my 20s and 30s (yep, I’m THAT OLD!!!), when I REFUSED to buy into the New Year hoopla about looking back on the year ending and making resolutions for the next.

Well, let’s say I was definitely in a place of resistance and rebellion.  On the surface, I rationalized that  life keeps on moving and that if you set goals for the New Year, you would probably fail (read here: I would probably fail).  I think this mindset was some fallout from the fact that as a teenager and very young adult, the main New Year resolution I would make (secretly) was to lose weight.

This was driven by a trauma wound from my mother’s obsession with my weight that left me believing no matter how petite I really was (I’m just shy of 5’2” and have–mostl–been slenderish), that I was FAT. Therefore, I needed to always be committing to some version of radical weight-loss diet (which I always failed at and which I didn’t need, in any case).

I have recovered (for the most part) from that old story.

Then as I grew older and wiser and walked the path of earth-inspired spirituality, I recognized and experienced in my body and spirit the truth that we are all deeply tied on a very instinctual level to the cycles of the season and to the movements of the sun and moon.  In addition, as a triple Capricorn, I am very goal oriented.  I have always known that I am the creator of my reality and that whatever I wish to accomplish, I have the wherewithal to do.  I just need to set my mind to do it.

Shamanism lined up with this belief I was born with how it teaches the power and importance of creating and setting clear intention to call forth our higher dreams for life.

Putting these two truths together—harnessing through spiritual practice—I have settled into the ritual of going into deeper self-reflection at the end of the year to evaluate all its joys and triumphs, hardships and sorrows.  I also use this time of the turn of the dark into light to plant the soul seeds of my goals for the following year.  All of this effort rests on the wisdom that the vibrant and life-affirming energies of Mother Earth and the Spirit within, through and around All That Is will amplify and manifest whatever we wish to dream into being.

So, I work the program—the human walk towards the heart’s deep longing to fulfill my soul’s true purpose for incarnating here, now.  In shamanic practice, I seek to meet and make friends with death so that I live and die consciously.  This is a great motivator to leave no stone unturned as we step into the sovereignty of recognizing we are wholly responsible for the outcomes of life.

Hence it is that when I die, I want to know that I have left no stone unturned in the inner and outer journey, that I have healed myself as deeply as I am able, that I have done all that has been on my bucket list, and that I have given abundantly of my life in the greater effort of Visionary Healership to the planet.

That I have loved myself and humanity with all the fierce passion of which I am capable!

At the end of the year as I look deeply at what has been difficult, what has not worked and what has not yet manifested, there is wisdom for the coming year.  Within that sense of disappointment that I may feel about what would’ve, could’ve, should’ve been, lie the powerful seeds of longing which, when I give them voice, plant them in the fertile soil of creative intention, and then warm and water them with focused self-discovery, healing work, and shamanic ceremony, they will slowly or quickly bloom.

There is no doubt. My life is a testament to this truth.

I have overcome many obstacles in my life in this way—healing the trauma wounds from my childhood and manifesting my soul’s purpose to be a healer and spiritual teacher. Overcoming other obstacles put in my way and turning them into gold.

I continue to refine, deepen and expand on where I am now.  There’s always little scrips and scraps left from the past and other lives which come up for attention (like my current project to finally overcome what is left of the negative self-image I have from all that weight-obsession of my teen years).  I can always refine goals and, thus, my New Year’s resolutions as I change and grow and as the fires of Visionary Creativity burn brighter within me.

Within the darkest night are the seeds of your soul’s greatest becoming—endings and death. Within the growing of the light—rebirth and renewal of our greater vision for life—reside all our gifts and potentiality just waiting to be manifested.

Thus, I enjoin you to look deeply without resistance or fear at what has been in the Old Year and use the revelations and longings therein to refine your New Year resolutions!  Then clean and clear your body, mind and heart of the woulda, coulda, shouldas with this free course I offer, Cleanse and Clean your Light Body with Mother Earth’s Bounty so you can move into the New Year free of the past and with a greater vision for the future!

And if you want to do even more powerful work to release whatever holds you back from believing in your highest dreams, sign up for my online course, Transform your Healing Crisis into Gold!

I am offering it here for $295–normally valued at $495.  This course will walk you through powerful practices to help you release old negative stories, transform wounds into gold and power for the journey, unlock and ignite your True Soul’s Purpose, harness your highest destiny, and step into your sovereignty as a powerful dreamer of your new life!

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