The Call to Teaching Ceremony

On a beautiful Fall day in 2010, I took a walk with my dogs down the road on pathway through still green fields and forests.  I had been invited by two people whom I did not know, Larry and Charlsie Baer to come teach about the mesa tradition at their home in Broadway, VA.  The call to teaching shamanic ways had been in my heart for a number of years, but I had resisted due to self-doubt and fear.  I knew it was a huge responsibility to teach my spiritually seeking brothers and sisters.

As I walked, I sent out a prayer for a sign–yes or no.  Suddenly a breeze picked up and the air around me was infused with luminosity.  I looked down at the path in front of me and there were about a dozen crow feathers.  The words, the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth (GMNWE) came into my mind.  I “heard” in my inner ear this message:

“This will be a medicine wheel which will invite people from all walks of life, from all backgrounds and beliefs, to the table of compassion. All that you have learned from many wisdom streams will be included and will open and heal the hearts of many.”

I then saw a deer just ahead on the path and a vulture flew right over me. The wind picked up and I felt a caressing touch on my cheek.  In that moment, I knew in my heart with certainty that I must teach and courage replaced fear.

A day or two later, further insights poured into me about the name, the “Great” Medicine Wheel of the “New Earth:”  This medicine wheel is great because it because, as human beings seeking peace in our lives and on the planet, we hold to the idea that there is much we do not know and which remains un-nameable and mysterious.   We are great-hearted enough to be compassionate, humble and open-minded, even when a natural, human part of us wishes at times to assert our own rightness or to live in a world of homogeneity.

This wheel will hold a vision of a New Earth–the future of humanity and the planet in which there is no longer any violence and manipulation based on one group, culture, government, or religion believing it is the only correct path and thus should hold power over others against their will and to their detriment. There is mutual respect of our diverse human expressions, beliefs and needs. We will energize the natural, human capacity for enjoying unity in diversity and will work together on own healing so that the wounds we carry—our own and our ancestors’—to the greatest extent possible, will forever be transformed.

So it is that my 35-year journey through many wisdom traditions, knowledge systems and teachers influence the ceremony and teachings of the GMWNE:

  1. Native American spirituality of North and South America

  2. Western shamanism

  3. Vipassana Buddhism

  4. Esoteric Christianity (meaning embracing the deep truth and compassion of the teachings of Jesus and the existence of angelic beings whose wish is to assist humans and the planet)

  5. Depth psychotherapy, psychodrama and transpersonal psychology

  6. Interdisciplinary academic perspectives on peace, violence and trauma healing

I joyfully combine the ancient and contemporary, western, eastern and indigenous in a rich, earth-centered mystical path for deep personal and spiritual growth, personal and planetary healing through community building, sharing circles, prayer, ceremony, meditation, the building of personal medicine bundles (or mesas), music, dance, and energy healing.

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