Walking in Balance: Sage, the Great Grounder

Welcome to Walking in Balance, a section of the Peace is the Human Way newsletter that introduces practices from Native American spirituality to help us be more peaceful, heal,and connect more deeply with ourselves, others and the Earth.  Feel free to try them out!

Burning dried white sage is commonly used in Native American practice to help us connect with the Earth, to clear heavy energies, and to enter a more heightened state of awareness.  Sage (Salvia Officinalis) has long been known to have medicinal properties. It is said to be antiviral and antifungal and has other curative properties, some of which have been studied by western medicine. 

Burn dried leaves of sage placed in a beautiful bowl or shell (as in the image above) when you want to clear a space in your home after you or a loved one has been sick. Or burn sage to begin a family or community ritual such as a sharing circle where each is encouraged to speak his/her mind from the heart.  You will also find sage to be very calming–burn a little at the end of a stressful day before you go to bed. It has a very soothing and yet pungent scent.

Sage holds the energies of the Four Directions of the compass which Native American traditions remind us always contain and orient us in the physical universe. Wherever we stand, we are at the center of the energies of North, East, South and West–each of which holds their own energies and meanings.  The compass–a wheel or circle–teaches us how to walk a human life with integrity, hope, power, love, dignity, and freedom.  Therefore, sage is a powerful ally in our life’s journey.

Some species of sage are easy to grow in the garden.  You can then pick the leaves at the peak of their growth and dry them.  Or you can purchase beautiful sage from various online vendors.    Just do a google search and have fun exploring!

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