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For Organizations

Rachel Mann PhD offers businesses, non-profits, and NGOs soul-infused, trauma-informed consulting, trainings, programs, and retreats, both online and in person. Foster an environment of deep caring for self and others, develop a sacred ethics of inclusion, and bring a more powerful and effective vision to your service to others.  Work with Rachel and join a global movement to  harness the highest destiny lines for all into a world of peace and compassion.  

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Consulting and Tailored Programs

Building a Vision of Sacred Ethics, Action and Service 

Is your organization seeking to transition existing or develop new services and/or products that will more powerfully and effectively address conflict and support and enduring peace in the world in whatever domain? Are you seeking to build into your workplace culture or field a spiritual ethics of inclusion, kindness and compassion, to address deep burnout and secondary traumatic stress, and transmute the patterns in thought and action of subtle and overt harms of systemic oppression and inequality?  Rachel comes into organizations to assess, evaluate, recommend, and inspire positive forces of change in vision, action, relationship-building, program offerings, and service. Her work is trauma-informed and engages every level of human experience--body, mind/emotions, soul, and spirit. 


Fostering Sacred Inclusion through Story & Healing

In this on-site and/or zoom training, foster an environment of compassion and inclusion and dismantle systemic problems of racism and other forms of inequality and oppression through storytelling and healing.  Rachel Mann PhD provides a safe, trauma-informed, soul-inspired atmosphere where employees explore. with sacred storytelling, energy healing, ceremony, song, drumming, movement, and self-reflection, the ways transgenerational legacies of trauma and separation have created misunderstanding and fear.  Learn the natural pathways of transformation that build connection, creativity, and collaboration. 

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Organizational Retreats

Retreat, Recover, Heal, and Thrive

Rachel Mann PhD offers online and in-person retreats from 1.5-hour sacred storytelling and meditation sessions to half- and full-day retreats for employees in organizations.  Anchor into the natural pathways of transformation and inner peacemaking through energy clearing techniques, sacred protection, ceremonies, meditations, and journeying.