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Programs for Spiritual Seekers and Activists

Explore and deepen the pathways of Sacred Activism for Peacemaking in your life through ancient wisdom reborn in these powerful times of chaos and change through earth-inspired, heart-grounded, and soul-awakening spiritual wisdom, practices, and teachings. Build the fires of compassion and love within yourself and in the world.  Develop clarity and courage around the fulfillment of your highest destiny to contribute to moving the planet through this time of promise and peril into balance, harmony, and peace. Learn how to harness every level of experience, body, mind/emotions, soul and spirit in service of dreaming forth a planet free from violence through both spiritual practice and practical action. Heal personal and ancestral wounds, integrate your healing and spiritual study into an authentic offering to others, learn how to bring the sacred into your work, and be part of an inspired and caring community of like-minded peacemakers!   Scroll down to see Rachel's exciting, inspiring, and nourishing offering or.....

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A Free Monthly Gathering

Sacred Activism for Peacemaking

Join Rachel for a monthly free gathering to heal ourselves and heal our beautiful world out of violence and into peace.  Learn some basic practices and ceremonies for building the fires of inner and outer peace, build the fires of compassion within your own heart, and hear visionary teachings about a radical future where violence is no more and there is an embracing of unity in diversity and peace for 7 generations and beyond. 

1-1 Support for Sacred Activists

3-Month Mentoring Program

Get in-depth 1-1 support from Rachel for the clarification and activation of your highest destiny to be of service of others.  Step out of confusion and fear to integrate your personal healing journey, wisdom, and authentic spirituality into a new or existing healing or therapeutic practice, or bringing into manifestation a spiritually inspiring creative or artistic work, or starting a non-profit or NGO or socially conscious, ethical business focused on making lives better and healing the planet. Dismantle the ancestral and personal wounds holding you back with shamanic energy healing and other potent spiritual tools. Believe in your creative genius and prosper!

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A Deep Dive into a Luminous Spiritual Path

Embody the Crystalline Matrix of your Soul

Start your initiation into a Shamanic Pathway of Healing and Sacred Peacemaking. Feel the power of teachings and practices of ancient wisdom lineages reborn to meet these chaotic times. Discover how sacred altars and ceremonies connect you to the powerful, transformational, elemental spirits of Earth, Water,, Animals, Fire, Sacred Mountains, and Spirit. Raise your personal and the global vibrational frequency of peace. Step in sacred service through energetic practices of awakening, healing, illumination, compassion, and enlightenment as we collectively dream into being humanity's and the planet's highest destiny lines towards an enduring peace. 

A Nourishing and Inspiring Retreat

The Crystalline Calling of the Sacred Activist for Peacemaking

Do you want to explore what it means to be a Sacred Activist for Peacemaking? To develop a spiritual ethics of inclusion, kindness and caring in your own work and/or in your workplace? Are you feeling burned out by working within the old paradigm in which the sacred is separated from the work of activism and business?  Do you want to learn how to heal the transgenerational wounds you carry and that have led to the appearances of hurt and harm in our world today?  Do you want to uncover your calling to bring the sacred into your work on the frontlines of peacebuilding and ending violence? Do you want to be inspired in gathering of like-minded peacemakers who are together building the fires of inner peace and contributing to a powerful vibrational frequency of compassion and love that will radically change the world? Join Rachel in a 2.5 day weekend retreat and activate the sacred song of the abundant and generous heart of Mother Earth in your life, work, and for all beings.