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Sacred Activism for Peacemaking

Harnessing the Highest Destiny Lines for Humanity's Future

Creating Peace is both inner and outer work.

A Calling

"In these tumultuous times, it is critically important to hold the highest vision of an enduring peace on the planet, no matter what is going on in the world. It only takes action by 3.5% of all of humanity to catalyze meaningful and direct change. This must be done with a multidimensional approach engaging every level of human experience

--body, mind/emotions, soul and spirit. Part of this is also understanding trauma and its repetitive cycles generation after generation."  

"Be of good heart and stand strong in your love for our messy humanity and your belief that better is possible. Always seek the keynote of compassion for our unconscious assaults on one another and Mother Earth. For this will dismantle violence in the world."  


"Love is the catalyst. Healing is the path. Spirituality is part of the work, not something on the sidelines or a means to escape."  


"Undertake deep self-reflection and inner transformation to uproot the causes and conditions of violence within and remove any belief that peace is unrealistic. Engage energy healing to transmute personal, ancestral and global wounds."


"Empower yourself to speak openly and fearlessly about the necessity of invoking the sacred as part of the solution. Soul-infused wisdom will trigger radical creativity and new solutions. Take action by developing a peacemaking personal spiritual practice. In your outer work in the world, follow your calling to step into sacred service to others and the planet through your work, activism, organization, and/or creative projects."


"In this way, you will be part of a global movement to catalyze humanity's and the planet's highest destiny line out of violence in all its subtle to overt forms into an embracing and enduring peace."

"Let's go! There's no time to lose!"

Rachel Mann, PhD

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Sacred Activists


Are you an individual who knows you have a mission and purpose to serve others, but you are not sure what this means?

Do you have a vision of how you want to contribute to ending violence and fostering peace through visionary, healing services, entrepreneurial ventures, and/or creative projects?

Rachel offers healing sessions, Spiritual Mentoring, Courses and Retreats to help you clarify and activate your vision.  

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Healing into Peace


Are you seeking even deeper healing for yourself?

Are you wanting to find refuge within that holds peace even when your outer world is challenging?

Do you feel blocked in manifesting joy and happiness in relationships, work, creativity, or service to others?

Rachel offers powerful shamanic energy healing sessions that will transmute trauma and liberate what blocks you.

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