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Join me on a powerful, collective mission
to Build a Great Wave of Peace in the world 

Sacred Activism for Peacemaking is: 

  • A way of being in service to self, others and the planet grounded in an understanding of the energetic, interconnected nature of the cosmos.

  • An understanding that the appearance of imbalances in the outer world is always found within.

  • An ongoing commitment to do the inner work of self-awareness and healing our personal, ancestral and collective wounds.

  • An embrace and practice of a sacred ethics of inclusion, equality and solidarity. 

  • A desire to anchor activism and service to family, community, nation, the Earth, and or humanity in pragmatic action supported by sacred tools and practices to stay grounded, keep your heart open, build the fires of compassion, and make peace within and without. 

Rotating Cloud

We are living in stormy, even dangerous times.
The threat of another Dark Age seems to loom.

It is hard to believe that humanity and the planet will emerge out of this into a time

of compassion, light and love.

But all your inner and outer work--your healing journey, your work in whatever domain, your spiritual study and practice--has been part of a Great Wave of Peace. 

You were prepared for this time. 

Embrace the calling with me. 

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