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Magnetize Healing, Personal Empowerment & Peace

With Awakened Heart Shamanism & the Crystalline Mesa 

A 4-Month Individualized Study Program

with Rachel Mann PhD

Awakened Heart Shamanism is a powerful spiritual & healing pathway of love & light inspired by the wisdom of the Q'ero medicine people of Peru, the loving kindness practices of Buddhism & the spirit of Native American teachings on peace.
Live a more thriving, creative, meaningful & purpose-driven life anchored in a powerful spiritual & healing way of life. 

Have you been feeling a calling to studying shamanism and earth-rooted spirituality? Do you already have a shamanic practice & want to deepen it?
Do you have a strong connection to the spiritual forces of Mother Earth, the animals, plants, waters, and sacred lands? 

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Crystals have been central to many ancient wisdom traditions around the world, including the Inka, ancestors of the Q'ero people of the Andes,

and the Tsalagi (Cherokee), among others.

Crystals are living, conscious beings that vibrate in both this earthly space-time continuum, as well as in elevated frequencies of light.

They are here in service to enable our higher selves, which are crystalline, to hold form in the physical incarnation.

Deeply interconnected to the vast crystalline matrix of Creation, they carry the messages of the stars and the Cosmic Beings of Light, as well as information about your individual authenticity and purpose.

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The Crystalline Mesa for Peace

The Crystalline Mesa is a medicine bundle that holds the energies of powerful Cosmic Beings of Light through sacred stones and crystals.  As you journey through a Medicine Wheel to transform the personal & ancestral traumas  build these relationships with the cosmic consciousness of Mother Earth, Mountain Spirits & the Goddess energies of sacred sites, land & waters, you are initiated into a lineage of shamans and medicine people going back into antiquity. 

With a quartz crystal at the center of the mesa, your own vibrational frequency is healed & uplifted. Your intuition is deepened & your joy 

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What You Get

Spiritual Initiation & Individualized Mentorship

Connection with an Ancient Spiritual Lineage of Wisdomkeepers & Earthkeepers

When you build your Crystalline Mesa, you will be initiated into the Rainbow lineage of medicine people of Chincheros of Peru, as well as other Q'ero lineages so you are supported through their wisdom, light & healing.   

Learn Shamanic Rituals & Ceremonies for Personal & Planetary Healing & Peace

Build your shamanic Medicine Basket of Love with mystical & earth-based ceremonies and rituals to heal wounds, create protection, maintain balance & harmony, access peace in the midst of challenges & turmoil. 

Learn How to Tap into Your Gifts of Empathy & Healing Safely

Learn how to manage your gift of empathy with self-empowerment & presence. Deepen your compassion in service of others' illumination & healing. Develop & learn to trust your natural intuition & spiritual wisdom.  

Introduction to and/or Deepening of Your Shamaic Practice and/or Mesa Practice

You can be new to the shamanic practice and/or the mesa tradition or seeking to deepen your existing practice. Learn from Rachel, who has been a shamanic practitioner for 30 years & a mesa carrier for 15.

Connect with Power Animals, Cosmic Mountain Spirits & Other Great Beings of Light

Create a powerful relationship with the highest vibrational medicine of personal Animal Allies, Mountain Spirits, Spirits of the Land, Sacred Sites, Star Goddesses of the Pleiades, & other Cosmic Beings of Light for creating abundance, calling in love, creating healing space for yourself & others.

Access Online Program Materials

Tap into hours of audio and video wisdom teachings, instructions for shamanic practices & rituals, guided meditations & shamanic journeying through the Awakened Heart Shamanism online portal. 

Personal Initiation & Individualized Spiritual Mentoring

Over the 1.5-hour, 12 sessions of the program,  together we tailor your initiation & training to your level of practice, interests & needs. You have access to me via email, text & phone throughout the 4 months of the program for questions, reflection & deepening. Sign up for a free Discovery Call to explore if this program is right for you. 

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"Shamanic practice, particularly the mesa tradition from the Q’ero, is rich and rewarding. We can heal personal and ancestral trauma, manifest our highest dreams, create both inner and outer harmony and balance, and widen the great lake of peace within ourselves and the planet."

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