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Sacred Activism for Ending Violence

Harnessing the Highest Destiny Lines for Humanity's Future

A Personal Story for 2020 and beyond

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In the fall of 2019 I was in a time of transition and struggling with sensing my ongoing purpose as a shamanic healer and spiritual teacher. As I often do in such times, I sat down with a drum and I took a journey to meet my guides, teachers, spirit helpers, and ancestors in the Upper World. Here is what they said to me:


Your task is now to call forth the truth that shamanism as it has evolved in these times is not only for those who will become the healers of individuals, but who will be called to use the inner transformation they have achieved and the earth-inspired medicine they have integrated deep within their hearts, bodies and minds in many creative ways to call forth justice, light and the healing of the planet. To help humanity come back into balance and goodness with one another and with Mother Earth and All Our Relations. 

Those who respond to the call will hold their own personal healing and transformation as a beacon of light for the world.  Some will step forward to fulfil their calling to be in service as healers, spiritual leaders and teachers, visionary entrepreneurs and on. They will activate their deep purpose and their gifts to help a world in pain and chaos.

Thus I founded

the Institute for Awakened Heart Shamanism

We offer online short courses and in-person intensives  for anyone just starting out to advanced shamanic practioners.  

Click here to answer the call of your heart to study shamanism.

--Rachel Mann PhD


Awakened Heart Shamanism


A Vehicle, A Purpose: 

The Destination is Service to Mother Earth and All Our Relations

Your gifts and wisdom are needed right now.

There's no time to waste.

Institute for Awakened Heart Shamanism

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