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Dr. Rachel Mann

Rachel Mann PhD is an innovator in the field of trauma transformation & personal growth, combining her work in shamanic healing & spirituality, mind-body medicine, soul-and spirit informed psychodrama, and transpersonal education. She is a social scientist and academic who made a radical career shift in her mid-40s to leave her full-time, tenured faculty position at the University of Virginia to answer the calling to be a shamanic healer, mentor & teacher and a Sacred Activist for Peacemaking. 

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"I see your struggle and potential. I understand your challenges because of what I went through as I healed the trauma of dealing with a mother with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
I also feel the pain of the world in these chaotic and transformative times. I was called by my soul to help.
I embraced the power of my destiny.
So can you." 
Dr. Mann is a shamanic healer, spiritual teacher, mentor, coach, and social scientist. She has innovatively integrated the deep wisdom of her Native American and shamanic teachers of how to work with the energy body, soul and spirit to heal trauma and release heavy processes with her training in psychodramatic, somatic and transpersonal methods. She is the creator of Shamanic Somatic-Emotional-Energy Transformation, a holistic modality working with our whole self: the energy-physical body, mind-heart-emotions, soul-spirit.
Rachel helps people from all over the world reach for their highest destiny to be emotionally balanced, abundant financially and in relationships, all informed by an understanding of the interconnection between trauma, soul and spirituality. She is also a powerful guide for individuals who are experiencing profound spiritual awakenings and want to understand them, as well as those who have a desire to integrate their creative, spiritual, and intuitive gifts and spiritual study into courageous and confident offerings to others. Many clients work with her as they transition from career into retirement, divorce into single life, religious affiliation into spiritual exploration, deepening and freedom.  
Over 35 years, Rachel has integrated her academic, interdisciplinary research and training in violence studies, trauma, and peacemaking, along with decades of study with spiritual masters and leading-edge practitioners:
  • Peacekeeper Training with Cherokee teacher, Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo of the Sunray Meditation Society. 
  • The sweet and powerful mesa tradition and cosmovision of the Q'ero medicine people of Peru, ancestor of the ancient Inka.
  • Shamanic energy healing and ceremony, with Alberto Villoldo of the Four Winds Society and others.
  • The teachings of compassion, mindfulness, and loving kindness of Vipassana Buddhism.
  • Psychodrama for healing individual and collective trauma.
  • Healing Historical Harms with the Eastern Mennonite Center for Peacebuilding.
  • Action against Trauma with the Center on Violence and Community.
Rachel creatively parlays 15 years studying the authoritarianism of the former Soviet Union during the Cold War with a BA in Russian Studies, an MA in Soviet Studies, and a PhD in Slavic languages and literatures into a profound understanding of how collective violence and trauma impacts individuals and groups and how creativity and spirituality heal.
From 1996-2014, as a faculty member at the University of Virginia, Rachel developed transformational, innovative courses on the topics of ending violence and peacemaking.  She was the recipient of several grants and received an award for a project co-sponsored with the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Action Alliance for The Art of Surviving, a digital and traveling exhibit of art, personal narratives, and poetry by survivors of sexual assault. 
Rachel is a member of the faculty in the MA programs for Transpersonal Psychology and Mindfulness Studies at Atlantic University, affiliated with the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment. 
She has provided training, consultation, and program development for organizations working on the frontlines of violence and seeking to foster peace.  Her clients have included Search for Common Ground, The Garrison Institute Contemplative-Based Resilience Program, the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance, and Naropa University’s BA in Contemplative Psychology.
Rachel is the host of the podcast, Destiny Lines: Sacred Activism for Peacemaking & Ending Violence. A sample of her teachings can be found on her YouTube Channel and in her blogs
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“It is time for those who carry the medicine within them to be the healers of the world.

Unveil and deepen your healing and offer it where & how you are called to."

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