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The Path of the Healer-Peacemaker
Study Awakened Heart Shamanism

Heal yourself & the world

with a mystical, luminous spiritual pathway of Love-Light

in this Masterclass

Awakened Heart Shamanism
is a powerful spiritual & healing pathway of love & light inspired by the wisdom of the Q'ero medicine people of Peru, the loving kindness practices of Buddhism, the spirit of Native American teachings on peace & the best western science on trauma & resilience.
Live a more thriving, creative, meaningful & purpose-driven life anchored in a powerful spiritual practice. Become part of a global community that is healing the world with shamanism.

Have you been feeling a calling to studying shamanism and earth-rooted spirituality? Do you already have a shamanic practice & want to deepen it?
Do you have a strong connection to the spiritual forces of Mother Earth, the animals, plants, waters, and sacred lands? 
Do you want to learn how to heal others & the planet in these times of crisis & turmoil?

Join Rachel's course, a deep dive into this rich & healing spiritual pathway. 

Find out of the course is a good fit for you. Click below to speak with Rachel.

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The Peacemakers Mesa is a sacred medicine bundle that holds the energies of powerful Cosmic Beings of Light through sacred stones and crystals.  As you journey through the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth to transform personal & ancestral traumas, you build your communion with the cosmic consciousness of Mother Earth, Mountain Spirits & the Goddess energies of sacred sites, land & waters. When you finish the training, you will have been initiated into a lineage of shamans and medicine people going back into antiquity. 

With a quartz crystal at the center of the mesa, your own vibrational frequency is healed & uplifted. Your intuition is deepened & your joy increased.  
'I am here to call forth those who carry the medicine."

"Shamanism as it is evolving in these times is not only for those who will become the healers of individuals or a particular community, nation or tribe. It is also for those who seek to use their inner transformation and the wisdom and healing they have found for themselves on the shamanic path and apply it in creative ways to work on behalf of justice, light and healing the planet of the soul sickness of separation, violence, fear and greed.
They will not only be the ones who lay their hands on others to heal them with the assistance of powerful cosmic allies of Earth and Sky, Mountain Spirits and Star Beings. They will also be the creatives, writers, artists, conscious entrepreneurs, leaders in business, government, non-profits, NGOs, medicine, education, activism, religion, international affairs. They will be doing this good work in their families and communities. 

As they continue to follow the path of personal illumination, what they all share is a desire to be part of a global movement to call all of humanity back into right relationship with one another, Mother Earth and All Our Relations.
They are the millions of Sacred Activists for Peacemaking around the world joined in a single heartbeat to catalyze humanity's highest destiny lines to a Great Peace for future generations."
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What You Get in this Luminous 8-Class Program

Starts Saturday, April 20 10am 6pm & meets every other week through June 29

Access hours of video & audio teachings, guided meditations, visualizations, & ceremonies through the Awakened Heart Shamanism online course portal

Classes meet in person in Alexandria, VA
& via Zoom
8 Saturdays bi-monthly, noon to 5:30pm ET
September 7-December 14, 2024

Class fee is $1800. Register for the class by August 1 to get a 15% discount = $1650
Or make 4 payments of $415 

  • Pay in Full

    Pay $1650 in full
    Valid for 3 months
  • Pay in 4 Monthly Payments

    Every month
    Pay $450 for a total of $1800
    Valid for 4 months
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"Shamanic practice, particularly the mesa tradition from the Q’ero, is rich and rewarding. We can heal personal and ancestral trauma, manifest our highest dreams, create both inner and outer harmony and balance, and widen the great lake of peace within ourselves and the planet."

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