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Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Reclaim & discover your authentic self

Soul retrieval is a shamanic healing technique through which missing parts of yourself, yet-to-be-manifested gifts and potentialities, talents, and higher aspects of your soul are found and reintegrated into your body-psyche-soul complex. 

The action of reintegrating your soul to body and personality is ancient and central to shamanism--perhaps going back as far as 40,000 years.

It is one of the most potent ways to remove blocks to authenticity, creativity, love, and abundance in life. 

What is Soul Loss? 

The loss of a soul part, or part of self, can happen during or following a traumatic event or experience in which you are harmed or there is a threat of harm. It is a psychological and spiritual wound.  

According to shamanism, the aspect of the soul that departs has suffered. 
Soul loss might result from living in an environment in which you are constantly put down. For instance, if a child who enjoys climbing trees is constantly admonished not to do so and told it is dangerous, the adventurous side of their nature may disappear.  Negative self-talk can also result in soul loss: If you tell yourself in the mirror over and over that your body isn't good enough, you are perpetuating a difficult inner environment.

Soul loss may affect anyone: a painter who loses inspiration, an actress who experiences stage fright, a mother who is too tired to take care of her children.

Some other common examples that cause soul loss are a loved one passing away, a relationship ending, an automobile accident, physical trauma, and emotionally or physically abusive relationships. It's crucial to keep in mind that soul loss is specific to the individual experiencing it and is not determined by the severity of the trauma experienced.

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Heal the Soul Wound: Rebuild Your Life & Your Authenticity


Depression, anxiety, substance abuse, blocks to creativity, difficulties in relationships, and even illness can all result from soul loss. Anger, despair, grief, and disinterest in life are all possible. Physical signs could include a persistent injury, a sickness, or a coma. A void of energy is created in your soul body when the soul half separates, and other energies may be able to fill that hole. Your physical self can change, as well, and you can experience sometimes dramatic changes in your way of life.


But the good news about such symptoms is that your soul is trying to reach you through them to heal. Pain relief, a cessation of physical illness, improvement in all areas of your life—relationships, work, and finances—can be improved with soul retrieval. Restoring connection to yourself and undergoing meaningful healing are both possible. Bringing a part of self home is empowering. Higher self-confidence and self-concept, improved sleep, positive dreams, and a strong sense of calm are among possible benefits.


Being who you truly are is a gift that you are giving to yourself.

Seeking professional help from a shamanic healer for soul retrieval is a great decision for yourself. To get the right and comprehensive support for healing soul wounds, feel free to connect with me.


I am a shamanic healer, spiritual coach, mentor and teacher. For almost 20 years, I have provided shamanic healings and teachings on Awakened Heart Shamanism to more than 2000 clients globally. My work is spiritually-based and trauma-informed.


Receiving a soul retrieval in a shamanic healing session with me will take you on a revitalizing journey of personal growth. It will give you the energy to prepare for new journeys in life.  A session with me starts with a detailed discussion of the problems and issues that you wish to resolve. We will then capture the energetic dimension of the challenge out of which I can then undertake a shamanic energy healing, two essential components of which are wound extraction and soul retrieval.


Please feel free to schedule a free Discovery Call if you are interested in embarking on this healing path using this ancient shamanic healing method. We will talk about the problems you are facing, your ideal life vision, and the best methods I can use to help you create abundance in every area of your life.

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Soul Retrieval can help you change your life in dramatic ways. Do you have a creative project or a new business you want to start, but keep encountering blocks to its manifestation? This could be a result of soul loss. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Soul Retrieval & Shamanic Healing

Q: What is soul retrieval, and how can it benefit me?

Soul retrieval is a holistic approach to healing that addresses the fragmentation of the self caused by traumatic experiences or life challenges. I combine self-reflective and shamanic techniques to guide you through the process of reclaiming lost parts of your essence. By integrating these soul parts, you may experience a profound sense of wholeness, enhanced well-being, and a renewed connection to your authentic self.

Q: How do I know if I need soul retrieval?

If you find yourself feeling disconnected, experiencing persistent emotional pain, or struggling with a sense of incompleteness, soul retrieval may be beneficial for you. Common signs include a feeling of emptiness, chronic fatigue, difficulty forming meaningful connections, and a sense of being stuck in repetitive patterns. In the process of a shamanic energy healing, I will learn if your body-psyche-soul complex is calling for a soul retrieval.

Q: What can I expect during a soul retrieval?

In a soul retrieval session, I provide a secure and encouraging environment for you to explore and heal. Shamanic journeying is a process wherein I travel into regions of the psyche where fragmented parts of your soul might be found. I also use self-reflective discourse, and guided imagery. The process of integrating these soul pieces that have been recovered is peaceful, transformative, and it promotes resilience and personal growth. Every session is customized to fit your unique journey, guaranteeing a unique and uplifting encounter.

Q: Is soul retrieval compatible with traditional therapeutic approaches?

Absolutely. I integrate other kinds of techniques, including psychodrama, self-inquiry, and shamanic hypnotherapy with other shamanic tools. My approach to healing is comprehensive and synergistic. Soul retrieval can complement traditional therapy by addressing the spiritual and energetic dimensions of well-being, providing a holistic foundation for personal transformation. Whether you are already engaged in therapy or considering it for the first time, soul retrieval can be a valuable addition to your healing journey. If you're looking for "soul retrieval near me," my services offer a locally accessible and integrated approach to holistic healing.

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Shamanism is a powerful healing modality.
With its tools, restoring connection to yourself and undergoing meaningful healing are possible. Standing in your power after bringing a piece of yourself home is wonderful. Higher self-confidence and a positive sense of self, improved sleep, and a feeling of peace to come home to are among the possible benefits.

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