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Rachel's YouTube Channel

Listen to Rachel's insightful talks on shamanism, healing, peacemaking, sacred activism for ending violence, and other topics relevant to the most pressing issues of the day. Click here for her channel.  

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With the War in Ukraine,
Everything Has Come Full Circle

Rachel shares how the war in Ukraine has brought her back to the 15 years she spent studying the psycho-spiritual impact of authoritarianism in the former Soviet Union and her hopes that a peace will come. Click here to read

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Interview with Dr. Lotte
Science with Soul

Rachel speaks with Dr. Lotte about what healing has to do with sacred activism for peacemaking and how we each can, through inner work, magnetize a higher vibrational frequency for the planet. Click here for interview. 


Story, Shamanism & Healing Trauma
Interview with Guy Macpherson,
the Trauma Therapist Podcast

Rachel speaks with Guy about how shamanic energy healing addresses and transmutes trauma and how it can be a modality used in conjunction with conventional psychological treatments. Click here for interview. 

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Destiny Lines Podcast

Join Rachel and her guests as they explore the multidimensional sources and impacts of violence and how we can end the cycle for future generations into a Great Peace. Click here to listen

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3-Article Series in OWL Magazine

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Interview with Valeria Teles, Fit for Joy

Rachel speaks with Valeria about the power of shamanic energy healing and how some are feeling the call to bring the medicine of healing they carry more into a world in need. Click here for the interview. 

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Luminary on Sacred Stories Media

Find out more about Rachel and her work on her Luminary page in Sacred Stories. Click here to go there. 

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