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Transform your Uncertainty into Beauty.

Shamanic Energy Healing.

Shamanic healing is a powerful energy medicine which transmutes wounds and blocks holding you back from living in joy, vitality and peace. Read below for more information about the integrated process and tools Rachel will use.  

Bring to her capable hands your problems, challenges and concerns and the  higher dreams and great purpose you have held back on, but now wish to manifest. Read more below for an overview of a shamanic energy healing session.

You will be astonished at how much better you will feel and how deeply and powerfully your life can change! 

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Energy and Chakra clearing

Your energy body and chakras can get filled up with heavy energies and imprinted with traumas. They can feel like fog, cold, crystals, or just weight, among others.  The first step in a shamanic energy healing is to clear out the Light Body and the chakras. This paves the way for going deeper into the body-mind-soul matrix to find the sources of blocks, stress, anxiety, old patterns, and the like. 

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wound healing

Untransmuted personal, ancestral and past life wounds can be deeply embedded in your energy body and physical garment. This can make it very difficult to shift out of the patterns arising from them as they lurk in the subonconsious.  The second step of a shamanic energy healing is to journey to the Chamber of Wounds and extract them with a powerful crystal.  This paves the way to bring return gifts of wisdom that are your birthright.

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Soul retrieval

Deep, often distorted, and negative beliefs become soul contracts. They have usually arisen out of difficult experiences in this and other lives and then hold you back in subtle and overt ways.  They are often linked to woundings and negative, distorted thinking. The next step after a wound extraction is to find, remove or renegotiate these contracts into life-affirming soul agreements.  This allows abundance, creativity and purpose to fill your life.

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Other Tools

Other potent tools can be part of a shamanic healing session, depending on where the journey into the body-mind-soul matrix takes us.  These can include entity extraction, liquid extraction, the Great Death Rites, and the healing of ancestors and loved ones still attached to you.  A session ends with  linking you to a bridge of light with Higher Beings, Guides, Teachers, Spirit Helpers, and Animal Allies.  

"Rachel's healings changed the way I look at things. They have been extremely helpful in helping me find a new and different way of looking at everything in my life. The work empowered me to bring more to the forefront my real spirituality in my life and my work as a teacher of massage and herbs."

- Yvonne Lovejoy

"Rachel's work is deeply healing, deeply transformational. Other words that come to mind: Magical. Powerful. Empowering. Uplifting.  I am in a new world. I can go explore the entire workd, versus being stuck for the next 45 years on the planet. I'm not helpless any more. I have territory." 

- Kathy Thompson

"Rachel listened to what I was talking about on a soul level, not just an intellectual and emotional level.  There was a theatrical energy in the healing which brought excitement and direction. I felt like I was stepping through a door into another world that was about spirit and life force, creativity and earth. It's like she's put the dough in a warm place so that the soul can bubble up."

- Pamela Underhill