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Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Momentum to Change: 
Harness Your Dreams, Gifts, Creativity,
Purpose & Potential

with Spiritual Energy Coaching

Shapeshift into your authentic self

& inspired service to others

with powerful, intimate, 1-1

support for inner and outer change. 

Momentum to Change is a 3-Month program offering:

  • Healing personal and ancestral wounds that are consciously or unconsciously holding you back.

  • Removal of conscious & unconscious thoughts & beliefs that are keeping you stuck in old patterns in work, career, relationship & finances. 

  • Discovery, retrieval & integration of your natural gifts and creative parts of self

  • Catalyzation of your highest destiny for a fulfilling, joyful & peaceful life.

  • Harnessing greater courage & confidence in self-expression & presentation.

  • Manifestation of your unique mission & purpose in life.

My approach engages body, mind/emotions, psyche, soul & spirit to catalyze a powerful trajectory of inner & outer change:

Psychotherapeutic Coaching & Self-Discovery

Somatic, Body-Heart Exploration

Multidimensional Trauma Healing

Hypnotherapeutic Dialogue & Retrieval


Energy Medicine

Destiny Retrieval


Meditation & Ceremonial Self-Empowerment


In this powerful, transformational, multidimensional process customized to your needs, I integrate the best western knowledge about human psychology, trauma, healing, and peace with wisdom and practices from Vipassana Buddhism, Native American spirituality of North and South America, and western shamanism. 

I have a tried-and true map to manifesting your highest destiny.  Sign up now to catalyze the natural momentum of change in your life!  

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Allow your deepest heart's longings and highest dreams for your life to be given birth with my intimate, deeply caring, inspiring & nourishing 1-1 support. 

You will finally know why you are here & where you are going.

Change is guaranteed! 
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This is a different & more potent form of coaching, because it powerfully engages  the energetic matrix of our body, mind, soul & spirit in service of profound inner change. 

Here's what you get in 9 1.5 hour sessions & all the time in between:

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Energy Medicine Sessions

Remove blocks, heal wounds, retrieve gifts and soul parts deeply and quickly, so you become clear and inspired.

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Bring the inner work into the sacred

Access online audio teachings, guided meditations and journeying, and ceremonies to deepen your transformation and vision.

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Loving support

Hour and half sessions take place in-person or via Zoom.  You also get support between sessions via phone, email, and text.

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Deepening Sessions

Other sacred tools and practices, such as deep self-reflection, soul readings, active imagination, journeying, and others give deep insight and shift your mindset and vision.  

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