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Work with Dr. Mann

 Harness your highest dreams, gifts, creativity, joy, health, purpose & potential with Shamanic Somato-Emotional Energy Coaching.
Heal trauma & remove blocks to manifesting joy, soul-fulfilling work, financial prosperity, health and vitality, creative projects, and loving relationships.
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Dr. Mann offers a powerful 9-session, intimate process designed to support you in breaking free from repetitive cycles of hard inner and outer processes and experiences. Do you constantly run up against stubborn blocks to manifesting happiness, soul-fulfilling work, financial prosperity, health and vitality, creative projects, and loving relationships? Are old traumas still affecting your life?

Have you tried therapy and other processes without deeply shifting these patterns? Or are you in a new cycle of healing and change? Do you want an approach that addresses healing on every level and dimension of your human experience: the physical-energy body, mind-heart-emotions, soul-spirit? 

Rachel helps people from all over the world reach for their highest destiny to be emotionally balanced and joyful, abundant in work, finances, family, and intimate relationships--all informed by a multidimensional understanding of the interconnection between trauma, the physical and energy bodies, the psyche, soul and spirituality. She is also a powerful guide for individuals who are experiencing profound spiritual awakenings and want to understand and integrate them, as well as those who have a desire to develop their creative, spiritual, and intuitive gifts and spiritual study into courageous and confident offerings to others.

Many clients work with her as they transition from career into retirement and/or soul work, divorce into new freedom, religious affiliation into spiritual exploration, expansion and deepening.  

Rachel's method, Shamanic Somatic-Emotional-Energy Transformation (SEET) is different than other psychotherapeutic, energy healing, somatic, and coaching methods because Rachel works within a powerful, multidimensional, holistic and spiritual space. You do not have to ascribe to a shamanic spirituality or worldview, although she draws on the shamanic tools of wound extraction, soul retrieval, and entity extraction, among others. The process works no matter what your beliefs. 

Rachel's work is integrated from her training with the shamans of Peru. They possess ancient knowledge about how to access potent frequencies of love-light from past, present and future to change heavy patterns and harness more positive destiny lines for you and the planet. 

Coaching & Mentoring for Changing your Life

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