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Learn the Foundational Practices of Awakened Heart Shamanism in 3 Classes
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Come learn about the foundational principles and practices of the shamanic path: sacred songs, sacred altars, journeying, crystalline love-light meditations, and energy healing practices. 

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Journeying for Healing, Harnessing Your Highest Destiny

Journey into inner realms and unseen dimensions is a foundational practice of shamanic practice. Learn about the 3 worlds--Lower, Middle & Upper--and how to navigate them in service of healing, harnessing your highest destiny & coming into balance. 

Sunday, March 17

11am to 1pm ET

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Working with the 7 Star Goddesses of the Pleaides for Abundance in Life

Develop a relationship with the 7 Star Goddesses of the Pleiades for creating abundance in health, energy, vitality, financial prosperity, relationships, and love. 

Sunday, April 7

11am to 1pm ET

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Creating a Sacred Altar for Creating Harmony
& Balance

Create a small, portable, sacred altar and learn prayers, songs, and breathwork to send healing energy for yourself, friends, family and the world. Meditate with crystals to create protection and to raise your vibration.

Sunday, May 5

11am to 1pm ET 

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Awakened Heart Shamanism
Join me in these powerful classes this fall. 

Ancient spiritual wisdom
from Mother Earth for living in contemporary times

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  • Open the doors to ancient wisdom that is being reborn as each of us are called to dream a new life and new world into being.

  • Learn cosmic shamanic practices, including ritual, ceremony, sacred altars, medicine bundles, songs, and prayers to change your inner and outer world so you thrive in every area of your life.

  • Build your personal mesa, or medicine bundle for healing & empowerment.

  • Work with sacred crystals & stones.

  • Journey with your Power Animals.

  • Co-create your future destiny by coming into a powerful, transformational partnership with Mother Earth, Mountain Spirits, and Great Cosmic Teachers of Light.

  • Walk on this Beauty Road towards a refuge of soul-esteem, inner peace & love.

  • Drum, dance & learn to live by the principles of the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth.

  • Heal your beautiful life & learn to love yourself, even as you contribute to the healing of the world. 


Walk the path of the shamans through time.  

2024 Spring Program at Sacred Circle, in Old Town Alexandria, VA & via Zoom

CALL 703-299-9309 or email to register.
Night Skies

Have you wanted to study shamanism for a while? If the answer is yes, this program will lead you into this magical spiritual practice that is infused with love-light. 

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Do you have questions about the course? Talk to me. 

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