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The Shamanic Sacred Activist for Peacemaking

Build a Great Wave of Personal & Planetary Healing 7 Generations into the Future & Beyond

Has your heart always longed for deep peace for yourself and the world? 

Are you feeling afraid, discouraged and sad about what is happening in the world and need to somehow find a way to maintain peace and hope?

Have you come to understand how inextricably linked your personal healing and spirituality is to healing the world?

Do you want to be part of ending transgenerational cycles of trauma in your family, communities and humanity, as a whole?

Do you want to learn shamanic perspectives and processes on how personal and planetary change are interconnected?

Have you heard the call to bring your unique gifts into passionate service to helping others?

Do you want to learn powerful heart-grounded practices for personal and planetary healing and peacemaking?

Are you ready to answer the call?

Momentum to Peace: 7 Sacred Pathways for Personal and Planetary Healing offers a unique, visionary approach that combines energetic healing of personal, transgenerational wounds with shamanic wisdom teachings, earth- and spirit-anchored meditations, visualizations, sacred song and dance, prayerwork and ceremony as a pathway to energize a healing force for peace in the world. Unlock your passion, gifts & potential for sacred service to your family, community and the planet through a trauma-informed personal journey anchored into a soul-infused, mystical worldview.

Pathway One: Crystalline Mind-Body-Soul Activation

Pathway Two: Breath of Love, Breath of Light​

Pathway Three: Prayermaking for Sacred Transformation

Pathway Four: Sacred Song and Dances for Peace

Pathway Five: Multidimensional Wound Healing

Pathway Six:  Personal & Planetary Destiny Mapping

Pathway Seven: Ceremonial Peacemaking for Building the Heart Fires of Unity in Diversity


These multidimensional pathways integrate the best western knowledge of trauma, healing, and peace with the wisdom and practices from Vipassana Buddhism, Native American spirituality of North and South America, and western shamanism. 

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What You Will Receive:

When, Where & How

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