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Healing is essential for you and the planet

Do you have blocks and wounds holding you back from living a vibrant life? Do you want to powerfully change the direction of your life? Do you feel that you have a mission to help others and/or the planet? Do you know it is time to deepen and integrate your spirituality into your purpose? 

When pain and a longing to be more and give more get your attention, it means things are ripe for change.

This is a powerful opportunity to unlock your highest dreams for life and live a passionate life!

Healing is your natural human birthright. It is a powerful source of energy in your body, mind, soul and spirit which can be harnessed to remove the imprint of old wounds from this life and others.  With the tools of energy medicine, you can transform negative thinking, anxiety, stress, and pain holding you back.  You no longer need to live a half-life and give up on your longing for a beautiful, meaningful life. 

Mentoring on the journey of life and through change and healing processes provides a sacred space for you so you can powerfully change the inner and outer conditions in your life. By harnessing natural forces of transformation with sustained shamanic energy medicine, you can live with confidence, courage, creativity, and purpose. You will harness your highest destiny.


Sacred activism is when you understand the dynamic interconnection between healing yourself and activating the vibrational frequencies of peace in the world.  Healing your wounds heals the wounds of trauma in your ancestral lines and in the world.  Then you become clear as to how your life's journey of healing and spiritual exploration can be part of your offering to others in your family, community, nation, and even the planet. 

How do you tap into the rich sources of  transformation to harness the highest destiny for yourself and the planet?

Let me help you transform, grow and fly high with the powerful tools of shamanic energy medicine and mentoring from
Awakened Heart Shamanism.


Give space to your dreams of your healed, beautiful life without "ifs, ands or buts." With mindfulness and kindness, unpack the experiences and beliefs holding you back. Be held with compassion and love so you know you are not "crazy" and alone. Be supported and nourished in a way you maybe never have been. 


Learn how trauma works and how it can be shifted for yourself. Set the intention to transform the source of the wounds you carry from this life and others--and from your ancestors.  Extract this ancient pain forever from the core of your being and contribute to a collective vibration of healing for the world. 

Harness gifts of wisdom and power.  Unwind negative thinking and old beliefs of your unworthiness to live a life of joy, abundance and freedom.  With soul retrieval, lost and as-of-yet unmanifested parts of self are seeded into your energy body to make you complete.  Harness your highest destiny.

Let go of fear and step into courage.

Forge a deep connection to your Higher Self and Spirit.

Catalyze your spiritual purpose and mission with creativity and passion.

 Anchor into an unshakeable peace  with roots in Mother Earth and Father Sky spirituality. 

Empower yourself with transformational  practices of earth medicine, ceremony, sacred songs, shamanic journeying, and meditations from Awakened Heart Shamanism. Plant positive action seeds in your life to manifest your highest dreams and mission in life. Rest in the wisdom that your life and journey are a powerful healing for a world in need. 

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You deserve to live a beautiful life.  You have a spiritual purpose and mission to be in service. You feel it. You know it. That's why you're here. 

"There are so many ways I have changed, as a result of working with Rachel. If I were to sum it up, I would say that she has awakened my spirituality in a way that has deepened profoundly my connection with living in spirit.  Rachel walks her talk.  She gave me examples of things going on in her life as parables so you learned how to apply them to your life. She is a great teacher."

- Laura Joy

"Rachel recognized my creative self and helped me see that I can work with it. I wanted to understand my spiritual quest, to understand what my purpose is. I felt like through Rachel and the messages she has from a variety of cultures, I was given permission to use them and to find my individual soul’s reason for being on earth."

- Pamela Underhill

The shamanic path is a way of life for me and Rachel has helped me bring power to my own medicine. She gave me a deeper understanding of the power of the Medicine Wheel.  As a result of my work with her in the 1-1 Mentoring Program, I stepped with confidence into my role as a shamanic healer and teacher. "

- Salem Wolf Heart, author of Benty Moon: Racing with the Medicine Wheel


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