Are you ready to step into a deeper layer of personal healing of trauma?

Do you want to powerfully change the direction of your life into greater inner and outer peace?

Has your personal healing journey led you to feel it is time to deepen and integrate your spirituality into a healing mission and purpose?

Do you want to learn how to contribute to a Great Wave of Peace through service to others as an individual or organization to yourself, your family, community, nation, and the world?

If so, you have found a good place! Rachel Mann PhD offers shamanic energy healing, intensive spiritual mentoring and classes on the peacemaking wisdom of the luminous shamanic cosmology of the Peruvian Andes.


She is a Healer & Sacred Activist for Peacemaking


Join her and fly high.  

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Do you feel the call to contribute to building a Great Wave of Peace through your sacred actions and service to others? Do you need some inspiration and comfort even as conflict and climate change escalates around the world?

Join me and amazing visionaries and thought leaders on July 21-23 for a FREE online Summit
Build a Great Wave of Peace: Sacred Activism for Peacemaking

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Shamanic Healing

Heal trauma. Break through blocks to living vibrantly and creatively. Step into freedom.  

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Heal into Your Highest Destiny

Catalyze your purpose. Receive intensive, nurturing 1-1 support in 9 sessions, including shamanic energy healing. 

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Activate deep peace for yourself and the planet. Study luminous shamanic wisdom from Peru for building the fires of sacred activism.

Heal yourself and the world.

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Crystalline Peacemaking Premium Membership

Harness the power of ritual, ceremony, journeying, and meditation to create a transformational vibration for yourself, your organization, employees, the clients and communities you serve, and the planet. Build an organizational culture of healing through connection with the sacred. 

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Let Rachel help you transform and grow into greater inner and outer peace with powerful healing sessions, earth-inspired programs, spiritual tools, and mentoring. 
She provides courses, retreats and trainings with teachings and practices adapted from the wisdom of Buddhism, Native American spirituality, western shamanism, and the best western knowledge about violence, trauma, healing, and peace. 
Isn't it time to go deep and fly high? 

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You deserve peace. 

Humanity deserves peace.

You know it.

That's why you're here.

To heal yourself and the world.

It's called Sacred Activism for Peacemaking. 

"There are so many ways I have changed, as a result of working with Rachel. If I were to sum it up, I would say that she has awakened my spirituality in a way that has deepened profoundly my connection with living in spirit.  Rachel walks her talk.  She gave me examples of things going on in her life as parables so you learned how to apply them to your life. She is a great teacher."

- Laura Joy

"Rachel recognized my creative self and helped me see that I can work with it. I wanted to understand my spiritual quest, to understand what my purpose is. I felt like through Rachel and the messages she has from a variety of cultures, I was given permission to use them and to find my individual soul’s reason for being on earth."

- Pamela Underhill

Rachel has helped me bring power to my own medicine. She gave me a deeper understanding of the power of the Medicine Wheel.  As a result of my work with her in the 1-1 Mentoring Program, I stepped with confidence into my role as a shamanic healer and teacher. "

- Salem Wolf Heart, author of Benty Moon: Racing with the Medicine Wheel