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Shamanic Healer | Spiritual Teacher | Mentor & Coach | Social Scientist

The Why

Shamanism is one of the most potent ways to heal, learn, grow & evolve. We are remembering how our connection to Earth, the stars, the mountains, waters & cosmic frequencies of light bring us back into harmony & balance. Shamanic energy healing is also becoming mainstream.


Join the thousands of students and clients who have worked with me to manifest the life & service to others they have been dreaming of.  

Harness the Power of Awakened Heart Shamanism to
Heal & Change Your Life

Is it time to answer your calling to studying shamanism? Do you want to learn more? 

Join me starting Saturday, April 20 in this 7-class series through June 29
for my first in-person program on the path of Awakened Heart Shamanism. 
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Let me help you harness your highest destiny with spiritual coaching, powerful energy healing, and the wisdom teachings & practices of Awakened Heart Shamanism
My offerings are inspired by & adapted from Native American spirituality, the mesa tradition of the Rainbow lineage of the Q'ero, western shamanism. My work is trauma-informed & draws on my research as a social scientist on peace & human pathways of healing. 

Isn't it time for you to fly above 
the mountain? 

Destiny is not fate. 

Fate implies that you are caught in old cycles & patterns in thoughts, feelings & experiences that are a result of past conditioning & unhealed wounds. 

When you decide to harness the power of destiny, you are becoming the master of your own life & free yourself to create a momentum to change.

You manifest your true mission & purpose. 

"There are so many ways I have changed, as a result of working with Rachel. If I were to sum it up, I would say that she has awakened my spirituality in a way that has deepened profoundly my connection with living in spirit.  Rachel walks her talk.  She gave me examples of things going on in her life as parables so you learned how to apply them to your life. She is a great teacher."

- Laura Joy

I did not know Rachel. I was lost in my loss. The healing ways of a Shaman as foreign to me. Except for excerpts on TV. I came into her home. A welcoming room. We spoke about several issues. Then we began with an energy reading. I was led through a very relaxing hour of chanting, singing, praying & rattling and drumming. Then we spoke about what she saw in her journey. Her insight was remarkable. I trusted Rachel. I thanked her and left. The next few days were the same and different! My spirit felt better and lighter. I am recommending Dr. Rachel Mann PHD! You've tried the try the best person. who has your best interests at the center of her motivation and intentions.

- Julie

Rachel has helped me bring power to my own medicine. She gave me a deeper understanding of the power of the Medicine Wheel.  As a result of my work with her in the 1-1 Mentoring Program, I stepped with confidence into my role as a shamanic healer and teacher. "

- Salem Wolf Heart, author of Benty Moon: Racing with the Medicine Wheel

Mountain landscape with hiking trail and view of beautiful lakes Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel

Live consciously & purposefully.
There is a tried & true pathway
to reaching your highest destiny

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