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Shamanic Apprenticeship

Get 1-1 individualized support & training

to start or deepen your study of shamanism

Have you been feeling a calling to studying shamanism and earth-rooted spirituality? Do you already have a shamanic practice & want to deepen it?
Do you have a strong connection to the spiritual forces of Mother Earth, the animals, plants, waters, and sacred lands? 
Do you want to learn how to heal others & the planet in these times of crisis & turmoil?

I provide a 12-week apprenticeship for beginners to advanced practitioners. 

Interested? Book a free Discovery Call with me & we will figure out what your unique needs are. 

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Where are you in your shamanic journey? What do you need? 


Beginning Level

Are you having unprompted mystical, or healing experiences & want to learn how to understand & use them? 

Are you noticing that certain animals & birds often draw your attention & bring comfort or messages? Are spirits or other non-physical phenomenon reaching out to you?  Do you want to be initiated into the Peacemakers Mesa,

ancient shamanic lineage of Light? 


Intermediate Level

Do you feel like there are gaps in your knowledge & practices? Do you want to add new tools into your shamanic work? Have you had shamanic experiences & dreams that you want to share & process? Do you want to take your spiritual development to the next level & deepen your intuitive & healing gifts?

Do you want to be initiated into the Peacemakers Mesa,

ancient shamanic lineage of Light? 


Advanced Level

Do you feel like you have come a point where you can take your practice even higher & deeper & would like to work with someone at your level? Do you want to understand & break through a new block in your spiritual development?  Have you had shamanic experiences & dreams that you want to share & process? 

Do you want to be initiated into the Peacemakers Mesa,

ancient shamanic lineage of Light? 

I have been a shamanic practitioner for 32 years.  I intimately know the various stages of the journey, with its unique experiences, roadblocks, challenges & joys. I understand how & why our Mother Earth & humanity motivates us to step into shamanism & even after years of practice, to continue & deepen our knowledge. 

I remember when I was first initiated into the ancient mesa tradition that is central to the spiritual wisdom of the Q'ero medicine people, ancestors of the ancient Inka, I knew there was more. I knew there were gaps. I wanted to learn more. But the portals were not yet open at that time, so I had to wait.

But now they are. As human consciousness continues to expand & as the pressing needs in this time of transition & chaos demand, more is being offered and coming through. More people are being called to step up to their heart's calling to shamanism or to deepen their practice. More of us are being called to expand out of a solely personal practice into service to others. 

I am passionate about supporting newcomers to advanced practitioners so that we can collectively continue to expand the vibrational frequencies of peace, light & love on the planet.

You will find me to be a compassionate & caring support for you on your journey, no matter where you are.   
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The Peacemakers Mesa is a sacred medicine bundle that holds the energies of powerful Cosmic Beings of Light through sacred stones and crystals.  As you journey through the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth to transform personal & ancestral traumas, you build your communion with the cosmic consciousness of Mother Earth, Mountain Spirits & the Goddess energies of sacred sites, land & waters. When you finish the training, you will have been initiated into a lineage of shamans and medicine people going back into antiquity. 

With a quartz crystal at the center of the mesa, your own vibrational frequency is healed & uplifted. Your intuition is deepened & your joy increased.  

Some of what You Get in
the Shamanic Apprenticeship

These elements are mixed & matched to fit your needs, whether you are a beginning, intermediate or advanced practitioner.

Access hours of video & audio teachings, guided meditations, visualizations, & ceremonies through the Awakened Heart Shamanism online course portal

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