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In these tumultuous and dark times, it is important to keep our minds and hearts aligned with a vision and vibration of inner and outer peace. 

That future is not lost.

The wave is building. 

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The Why

The world is at a critical turning point.


The medicine people of the indigenous nation of the Q'ero in the Andes say we are in a time of Pachakuti

--a great transition and shift in human consciousness. 


Though we are seeing an escalation of authoritarianism, conflict and oppression around the world, at the same time, increasing numbers of ordinary citizens are participating in peaceful protests

and other forms of activism to call forth healing, compassion, kindness and love.


Courage is rising as human consciousness for peace is expanding. 

Addressing these challenges and shifting humanity’s future destiny lines towards an enduring peace is not just a pragmatic concern, but a spiritual one, as well. This intense dance of shadow and light contains within it the promise of an exponential shift in  individual and collective consciousness.  


Tune into the wisdom of these amazing people working on the cutting edges of co-creative peacemaking.

They are part of a powerfully building Great Wave of Peace.


So are you. 

Image by Jon Tyson

Do you feel the call to make your own authentic contribution?
Find out how from these inspiring leaders, healers and sacred activists.

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Here's the lineup:

Rachel Mann PhD small.jpg

Rachel Mann PhD and Mandy Bird

Program Sponsors and Co-Facilitators

Peace is the Human Way: Introduction to our Summit

Join Summit Co-Facilitators to warm up to the our Summit! We will talk about how, during these 2 dynamic and rich days, we are together going to find out more about the themes and speakers. We also will tell you how you can get support during the Summit to create your pathway for sacred activism as a Peacemaker. We are so looking forward to meeting you! 

Rachel Mann PhD small.jpg

Rachel Mann PhD

Sacred Activist, Social Scientist, Healer, and Spiritual Teacher (

Sacred Activism as a Crystalline Pathway to Build a Great Wave of Peace

Sacred Activism for Peacemaking and Ending Violence is a multidimensional, spiritual, and pragmatic approach to harnessing our highest individual and planetary destiny lines to a Great Peace. Rachel will discuss how humanity is in a great transition, called by the Q’ero medicine people of the Peruvian Andes, the time of Pachakuti—a powerful shift out of an Age of Separation into an Age of a Unity in Diversity. She will explore the importance of personal and planetary healing to end transgenerational cycles of violence and to release a powerful well of new, visionary creative efforts at peacemaking even in the face of conflict. She calls us to step into a more nuanced inner awareness of the will to enemy-making and its transformation in sacred and skillful outer action in whatever domain we are each called to participate.


Mandy Bird

LCMHC, licensed clinical health counselor, grief coach and specialist, author, speaker (

Using Tools Toward the Power of Grief & Hope During a Time of Great Global Grief and Striving for Peace

During these frightening and difficult days, what strategies and tools are available to equip and strengthen us as Sacred Activists? Of course there is grief that takes us to our knees, but what can we do with it so we are not destroyed in the process? We must care for ourselves as we take care of the world! To be able to face the suffering in the world, what are the things we need to do to stay grounded and be able to use our gifts? For those who are on the emotional, psychological, and spiritual front lines, Mandy will share concepts from her book, Tears Are the Source of Your Passion, co-authored with Chris Saade. 


Mandy will discuss tools from a 7-Step process she and Chris co-created to support individuals in their grief and to help you discover your own authenticity in giving back to the world—being careful to focus on what we are each called toward, not the “musts” or “shoulds” that can kidnap us. With a spotlight on exploring our own individual Authenticity through our grief, and the role our Authenticity plays in peacemaking, her focus will be on the specific steps and tools designed to support us in caring for and honoring our own grief as we are engaged in service to the world.  

Chris Saade.jpg

Chris Saade

Psychological and philosophical teacher, trainer of professionals, life coach, and author of  Rebellion of the Heart: Authenticity and Solidarity, and co-author with Mandy Bird, Tears Are the Source of Your Passion: The Power of Authenticity & Grief (

The Freedom of Individual Authenticity, Global Peace, and Global Violence

Chris Saade will delve into a deep understanding of how the liberation of our Individual Authenticity greatly impacts Global Peace and gives us the strength to thrive in very difficult times. Conversely, we will explore how the Suppression of Individual Authenticity and Global Violence reciprocally spur each other. In addition, Chris will offer practical, crucial, and highly impactful tools to use for one’s self, one’s family, and one’s community. As a war survivor who was active in the peace movement in Lebanon at a young age, and decades of study in the fields of psychology, philosophy, and his development of the approach of Authenticity and Solidarity, Chris has firsthand knowledge and unique insights to offer all of us!


Chris says, "The discovery of the free and authentic self will be remembered as the greatest discovery of the 21st century — for peace, for the ability to love abundantly, and for global thriving.” Come learn to free and honor more of your authenticity, and to understand the roots of collective violence and peace from that perspective.

PKLangley (2).jpg

PK Langley

Author, Speaker/Teacher, Energy Healer, LGBTQ community member and Shapeshifter (

Energetic Adoption: How It Is Changing the Face of the World System to Restore Ancient Legacies and Distinctions

PK will tell the story of an event in History that opens our understanding to the pivotal point that we have now entered here in the US. This will be followed by an understanding of the energetic body and the recipe of humanity you are going to want to hear. Come and listen to the beginnings of what PK calls “surfacing” and how that is a revolution for the struggling mental health system and so much more. PK will release this talk through higher resonance energies.

Keith Morton.jpg

Keith Morton

Professor of Public and Community Service, Providence College, Board Member and Volunteer with the Nonviolence Institute, and author of Getting Out: Youth Gangs, Violence and Positive Change


Violence, Nonviolence and Lived Experience

Drawing on longstanding work with youth involved in gang and street violence, Keith will explore our individual, institutional and cultural experiences of violence and nonviolence and offer a perspective on making positive change. Grounded in stories, we will explore how and why we come to choose violence or nonviolence, the centrality of healing, voice and community building as elements of positive change, and the challenges of choosing hope over the long haul. The larger goal will be to imagine together a world in which violence is an outlier and nonviolent ways of being are taken for granted. His talk will be followed by small group breakout sessions in which participants will be invited to do some guided story telling (story circle approach).

Rachel Mann PhD small.jpg

Rachel Mann PhD

Sacred Activist, Social Scientist, Healer, and Spiritual Teacher (

How the War in Ukraine is Accelerating a Destiny Line to Global Unity

Rachel draws on her expertise on the former Soviet Union and the impact of authoritarianism  to discuss how Putin's war on Ukraine is accelerating humanity's destiny line to a time of global unity. She draws on the history and impact of 20th century wars,  the Holocaust and the escalation of global conflict into the 21st century to elucidate how humanity's understanding of the horror and trauma of war is changing human consciousness. She discusses how Ukrainians hold a special role to awaken the world even more to the need for new, creative solutions. She provides a sense of visionary hope for the future, even as so many lives are being lost, families dislocated and so many wounded. She leads us into a visualization to catalyze an end to the war and the will to authoritarianism shown by Putin and teaches us how to heal the shadow within us as part of our contribution to the cause of peace. 

Emmi 1.png

Emmi Mutale

Emmi Mutale, Founder of Feminine Revered, Intuitive healer, energy medicine practitioner, shamanic womb priestess, author, podcast and radio host, and health freedom advocate (

Womb Awakening: Ancient Wisdom for Times of Transition

In this presentation, Emmi shares about primordial womb cosmology and the ancient reverence for women and the feminine. She also discusses about why so many of us have become disconnected from our womb power, and why it's so important for all of us (including men) to re-learn to harness this power, especially in these intense times of transition. A guided journey into our wombs, the womb of Gaia and the Great Cosmic womb for planting the seeds of the New Earth will be offered.


Chelan Harkin

Mystic Poet (

How to Open These Hearts?! Where the Exquisitely Mystical and the Humblingly, Fumblingly Human Meets

Chelan will affirm and encourage the existence of our inherent light that lives within us all. She will reframe the pain that we encountered as we embark on our journey in to our hearts as energy that is our sacred responsibility and gift to steward that makes us more tender, honest and whole. 

Rachel Mann PhD cropped.png

Mandy Bird, PK Langley & Rachel Mann, PhD

Community Brainstorming for Individual and Group Efforts at Sacred Activism for Peacemaking

Join Mandy, PK and Rachel in a dynamic and inspiring community brainstorming session. Let us explore how we can keep the energy of the Summit going in our own lives and together. They will help you discover the keynote of your own sacred activism for peacemaking through exploring your Individual Authenticity and your soul's calling. This will be a welcoming and caring open session where each of us can share our deepest feelings, thoughts, ideas, and wishes. Don't miss it! 

munay-ki blessing REM and Gail small_edited.jpg

Shamanic Ceremonies for Protection, Healing & Peace

Destiny Lines Membership 2022-23 Fireworks.jpg

How to Upshift personal and planetary destiny lines

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Shamanic Ceremonies for Cleansing your Light Body

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Build a Great Wave of Peace Summit 2022 Presentations

Here's What You Will Get for $95!
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