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Healing Holiday In-Person Solstice Retreat

2023 has challenged all of us on personal & global levels.

We all need a break & to breathe. To remember who we truly are. 

Are you ready to release it and magnetize a more positive and powerful destiny line for 2024?

Or do you just want a day to retreat, rest, reflect, and get some good healing juice

in that quiet time during the holiday season & the Solstice?

The Solstice is a potent time to harness a powerful momentum for change.

Bring your dreams for abundance into this powerful day of ceremony!

Meet me in my cozy home in Alexandria, VA or online. I will be doing both. 

Join me on Saturday, December 30, noon to 5pm ET/8am-2pm PT/16-22pm GMT

to uplift and energize you into the New Year! 

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Image by Erik Witsoe

With the Solstice Fire
Release the Shadows of 2023
Ignite the Light of 2024!

2023 has been a tough year. Whether it's what has been going on around the world or whether it's your own stuff, aren't you glad to have the time of the Solstice and the holidays to upshift into greater light and peace? In this 1-day retreat, we will:

  • Call forth through prayer powerful healing frequencies and energies

  • Visualize ourselves in a crystalline matrix of Love-Light infused with the starlight of the 7 Star Goddesses of the Pleiades

  • Share in the Talking Stick Ceremony what is on our hearts and minds, what we are releasing, and what we are magnetizing for the quickening light and the New Year

  • Receive personalized reading from me about what 2023 looks like for you

  • Do a Blessing Bundle ceremony to manifest your highest dreams.

  • Pray for our loved ones, communities and the planet for healing, love and light.

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Image by Erik Witsoe
A young woman holds a smoking palo santo stick in her hands.Alternative medicine.Buddhist

Let's Gather! 

Saturday, December 30

11am to 5pm ET/8am-3pm PT/16-22pm GMT


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