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A Time for Healing into Peace

Healing is everything. Healing is a guaranteed pathway to peacemaking.

Yes. This is my message for this time of the holiday season in 2021 and for every day.

For 15 years since I answered the Spirits’ call to become a shamanic energy healer and spiritual mentor, over 2000 clients and students have come to me asking for help. They want to heal recent or ancient traumas, address physical ailments, become free from family dysfunction and abuse, remove blocks preventing them from calling into their lives love, good work, financial abundance, stability in mind and emotions, and/or release the fears that hold them back from manifesting their calling to be in service to others. They want to finally write that book or put their art out into the world.

They come from all nations, cultures, races, ethnicities, political parties (or none), religions, spiritual leanings (or none). They come from every work sector—from grocery store workers to wealthy corporate leaders. They are doctors, lawyers, nurses, judges, housewives, and househusbands. They work in the healthcare industry and are housekeepers. Retail clerks and managers. They are in the military or work in NGOs and non-profits. They serve in government positions. They are actors, writers and artists. Ordinary people and powerful people.

The point is that people from all walks of life are waking up to the need for a deep and profound way to heal themselves. In my healing room, they are all the same—human beings who carry some suffering and wish to live in happiness, abundance, peace, and love.

And, while they are there for themselves, over many years, so many of my clients and students have expressed a hope that as they heal themselves, they will bring the same to their families. They recognize the dynamic connection between personal, familial, community, and global transformation through the energetic grid connecting all of us.

Healing is generous love of and service to oneself and others.

When we have inner peace, we are able to manifest so much goodness in our life. With sacred acts of peacemaking such as prayer and ceremony, we touch into a vibrant and unbroken spirit of love. We hold greater and greater light.

In the holiday season around the Winter Solstice, we are enjoined to feel the peace of the season and to give abundantly. To reach out beyond our self-focus to think of those who live in lack.

It is deeply sad that there are people who suffer without homes, food, safety, and peace. Who are sick and lonely. Who do not have adequate—or any—healthcare. Whose lives are constantly at risk from racism, sexism, homo- and transphobia, ethnocentrism, and other distortions in perception based on stereotypes and fear. Who are in prison rightfully or wrongfully. Who are displaced from their homelands as refugees due to climate change and/or oppression by their government and the influence of outside nations with malign intentions. Who work in harsh conditions and even slavery.

This condition is not natural, as much as some want to justify it as such. It is a result of a collective soul sickness arising out of a Mind of Separation that has led over thousands of years to the establishment of distorted systems of otherness, fear, greed, control, oppression, and domination.

Yet, people are waking up in the hundreds of thousands. They know it doesn’t have to be this way.

They realize that they need to heal themselves on very deep levels—even deeper than mainstream medicine and psychology can take them. They are looking for practitioners and practices that recognize the existence of the energetic grid of creation which, when tapped through intention and action, transformation and change is much easier and faster. They know there is a spiritual dimension to life and the world and that with spiritual tools, they can maintain and continue the healing process on their own.

They are also awakening to the truth of what has been in the injustices and imbalances of what many human beings have created. My clients are speaking to me about their worries how chaotic and uncertain the world is today. They often ask me for words of hope and optimism about the future for all of us. Their love is that deep.

In this season of healing, I offer my vision of a planet emerging out of an Age of Separation into an Age of Unity and Peace:

I believe that we are in a time of a great transition when all that has been shrouded in shadow is being revealed. The unhealed wounds of the ancestors and in the present are emerging in chaotic and difficult ways. Why? Because they are actually ready to be transmuted into higher vibrational expressions of light.

Yes, it is challenging and often frightening. But what all my clients and my students have been saying to me over years is that they are determined that the tide of peace and light will not be defeated this time.

Will changes—perhaps even radical ones—need to emerge? Yes, of course. But I believe in the promise of the human imagination to think far beyond what is into a future of vibrant and yet undreamt of new possibilities. I see it in the shining eyes and beautiful hearts of all my clients and students.

Healing is one of the most powerful creative contributions we can each make in the effort of peacemaking.

I will keep saying over and over again that to end the madness, the power of shamanic energy healing is needed everywhere—in zones of peace, in zones of war, and every place inbetween. This potent medicine of transformation is one of many avenues to continue to build humanity’s and the planet’s highest destiny lines to an enduring peace arising out of our soul’s orginal instructions of oneness within diversity.

Healing is thus an act of Sacred Activism for Peacemaking for our families, communities, nations, and the world.

May the fires of kindness and compassion burn brightly through the dark night. May peace reign. May none go hungry or be without. May the Kingdom of Peace expand within and beyond. May all be healed, whole and well.

May it be so.

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