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How to do the Loving Kindness Meditation

To do the loving kindness meditation, find a quiet place to sit upright in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and bring your attention to the heart.  Bring to mind your own self–as you are in the present day or as a child.  Imagine the breath going gently in and out of the heart center or focus simply on the rise and fall of the chest and silently say these words: “May I be filled with loving kindness. May I be safe and protected, Loved and respected, Peaceful and at ease.”

You may also develop phrases of your own.  Repeat them several times as you set the intention to have loving kindness enter the heart and going out of the heart towards yourself.  Imagine as you pull energy into the heart or chest center that you are also taking in whatever suffering is in you and transforming it into the antidote needed. Repeat this process for the following people and beings. Add or subtract as you feel moved to: A loved one. A benefactor or mentor. A neutral person (like the postman or salesclerk at the grocery store whom you do not know). A difficult person/enemy (you don’t need to choose the most difficult one). All men. All women. All beings on Earth. The Earth herself.

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