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Shamanic Wound Extraction

Discover Deep Trauma Healing

Wound healing is a process used in shamanic healing to remove the constellated energy of a personal and/or ancestral trauma from the body-psyche-soul complex. When this is accomplished, symptoms of PTSD such as depression, anxiety, and triggers of various kinds can be lessened and even healed. 

Wound extraction can be found as part of the energy medicine of many cultures throughout time. Human beings have understood for thousands of years the dynamic interconnection between psychology, the energy body and the soul. 

Together, wound healing and soul retrieval can be a game-changer in your life for the better. 

What is a Wound from the Point of View of Shamanic Healing? 

When we experience a traumatic event or are subject to prolonged abuse, it creates a wound within the psyche and energy body. Much like the wound created in the physical body when we have surgery, had an accident, or a bruise from a fall, it can take time and care to heal.  

But sometimes, it doesn't. Sometimes a wound in the psyche (the dimension of mind-emotions-ego consciousness) does not naturally resolve. Indeed, with some traumas, even the memories get suppressed because the conscious mind cannot handle or integrate the experience. This is particularly true of childhood abuse or very severe traumas, such as with war, sexual assault, or other forms of violence. Even grief from the loss of a loved one can become a wound festering in the psyche and energy body. It literally inhabits the energy body as rips, tears, holes, or a constellation of heavy matter and can create symptoms such as depression, anxiety, addictions, and failure to thrive in relationships, work, or finances. 

How each person responds to traumatic stressors and events is unique and is not determined by the severity of the trauma experienced. 

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The 3 Shamanic Worlds

Shamanism provides a simple, yet meaningful map of our beingness, from the physical to the astral planes. 


The Lower World is the aspect of reality and consciousness connected to our subconscious, the past, our ancestors, and powerful helpers and spirit allies who help us grow and evolve. 

The Middle World is the underlying energetic dimension of this physical plane of existence. It also holds all experience in the present. Here we meet elemental beings who will assist us in a variety of ways to live prosperously and well in our daily lives. 

The Upper World is the Superconscious and the place where we connect to our Soul, or Higher Self, and to what we might call Angelic Beings in what might be commonly referred to as the heavenly realms.  


A shamanic healer can journey to and engage with all these domains of consciousness and experience on behalf of another person. 

The Lower World is where I go to find and extract personal, ancestral, and collective wounds. 

In my personal experience, wound healing was a missing piece in my trauma recovery. My discovery of this shamanic practice after years of therapy changed the trajectory of my healing from symptoms of PTSD. This is because shamanic healing addresses the way the psyche-soul and energy body interconnect. It is not just a mental or psychological phenomena; it is a process that is activated on a soul level and that then changes our inner and outer environments on an energetic level. 

Seeking professional help from a shamanic healer to heal trauma can take your journey to recovery to a deeper level. I am a shamanic healer, spiritual coach, mentor, and teacher. For almost 20 years, I have provided shamanic healings and teachings on Awakened Heart Shamanism to more than 2000 clients and students globally. My work is spiritually based and trauma-informed.


Please feel free to schedule a free Discovery Call if you are interested in embarking on this healing path using this tried-and-true, ancient shamanic healing method. We will talk about the problems you are facing, your ideal life vision, and the best methods I can use to help you create abundance in every area of your life. Let's lose no time in extracting your wounds and doing a soul retrieval to bring you back into joy, harmony and balance! 

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Wound extraction is key in your trauma healing journey. If you have felt chronically stuck or blocked because of past traumas despite being in therapy, this means that the wound is festering within the body-psyche-soul complex. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Soul Retrieval & Shamanic Healing

Q: What is soul retrieval, and how can it benefit me?

Soul retrieval is a holistic approach to healing that addresses the fragmentation of the self caused by traumatic experiences or life challenges. I combine therapeutic and shamanic techniques to guide you through the process of reclaiming lost parts of your essence. By integrating these soul parts, you may experience a profound sense of wholeness, enhanced well-being, and a renewed connection to your authentic self.

Q: How do I know if I need soul retrieval?

If you find yourself feeling disconnected, experiencing persistent emotional pain, or struggling with a sense of incompleteness, soul retrieval may be beneficial for you. Common signs include a feeling of emptiness, chronic fatigue, difficulty forming meaningful connections, and a sense of being stuck in repetitive patterns. In the process of a shamanic energy healing, I will learn if your body-psyche-soul complex is calling for a soul retrieval.

Q: What can I expect during a soul retrieval?

In a soul retrieval session, I provide a secure and encouraging environment for you to explore and recover. The procedure includes shamanic journeying to reach the regions where fragmented parts of your soul might be found, therapeutic discourse, and guided reflection. The process of integrating these soul pieces that have been recovered is peaceful, transformative, and it promotes resilience and personal growth. Every session is customized to fit your unique journey, guaranteeing a unique and uplifting encounter.

Q: Is soul retrieval compatible with traditional therapeutic approaches?

Absolutely. I integrate other kinds of therapeutic techniques, including psychodrama, psychotherapeutic self-inquiry, and shamanic hypnotherapy with other shamanic tools. My approach to healing is comprehensive and synergistic. Soul retrieval complements traditional therapy by addressing the spiritual and energetic dimensions of well-being, providing a holistic foundation for personal transformation. Whether you are already engaged in therapy or considering it for the first time, soul retrieval can be a valuable addition to your healing journey. If you're looking for "soul retrieval near me," my services offer a locally accessible and integrated approach to holistic healing.

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An unhealed wound creates a constellated matrix like a tumor in the body-psyche-soul complex. Shamanic healing actually removes this disruptive block, along with its unconscious and conscious effects. At that point, all the consciousness associated with the trauma, both personal and ancestral, is transmuted into wisdom and light. 

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