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Manifest your highest destiny to bring peace, healing, and transformation to others and the planet.

Do you want to understand better your mission and purpose to be of service to others and the world?

Do you feel a calling to merge the wisdom, knowledge, and tools you have learned through your personal healing journey and spiritual study into a new or already existing therapeutic, healing or counseling practice?

Do you want to start up a spiritually and socially conscious business, non-profit, or NGO?

Do you have a creative project such as a spiritually inspiring or socially impactful book?

Are you an organization that wants to embrace and/or anchor more deeply into the sacred values of positive inclusiveness, compassion, and a renewed, caring, spiritual ethics?

Your time is now. 

Let Rachel help you or your organization discover and embrace your vision of service to others. 

Embrace your personal vision of Sacred Activism for Peacemaking and transform what holds you back.

Rachel provides clients who have a creative vision for service to others with powerful and transformational support in a 3-Month Mentoring Program

It is time to address every level of human experience and consciousness--body, mind/emotions, soul, and spirit--in the effort to help ourselves, others, and the world in developing an enduring peace. Rachel's Mentoring program integrates the best western knowledge of violence, trauma, healing, and peace with the wisdom and practices from Vipassana Buddhism, Native American spirituality of North and South America, and western shamanism.  She supports and teaches emerging healers, ministers, psychotherapists, spiritual teachers, creatives, thought leaders, business entrepreneurs, and other visionaries in stepping out to manifest their passion for service to others.  

Rachel is passionate about working with individuals who want to:

  • Finally put out into the world a spiritually and/or socially conscious book and/or artistic project.

  • Integrate the sacred knowledge gained through healing personal trauma, spiritual study and training into a new or already existing therapeutic, healing or counseling practice.

  • Start up a socially conscious business, non-profit or NGO.

  • Inspire their organization or workplace to embrace and/or anchor more deeply into the sacred values of positive inclusion, compassion and a renewed, spiritual ethics.

Rachel has done it herself--twice.  Once when she left her mainstream academic career in 2007 to become a shamanic healer and spiritual teacher -- and a second time when she answered the call to spread the word about Sacred Activism for Peacemaking.  

She has a map, a pathway, Sign up for her Mentoring Program and become the most you can be for yourself, your organization, and the planet.  

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Allow your deepest heart's longings and highest dreams for your work in the world to come forth unconditionally and flower powerfully through intimate, deeply caring, inspiring, and nourishing 1-1 support. 

You will know where you are going and why. 

Here's what you get:

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Energy Medicine Sessions

Remove blocks, heal wounds, retrieve gifts and soul parts deeply and quickly, so you become clear and inspired.

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Bring the inner work into the sacred

Access online audio teachings, guided meditations and journeying, and ceremonies to deepen your transformation and vision.

Heart Shape

Deep and loving support

Hour and half sessions take place in-person or via Zoom.  You also get support between sessions via phone, email, and text.

Colorful Crystal

Mentoring Sessions

Other sacred tools and practices, such as deep self-reflection, soul readings, active imagination, journeying, and others give deep insight and shift your mindset and vision.