Let me help you unlock possibility into probability

with 1-1 Shamanic Mentoring

Shamanic Mentoring is an earth-inspired, soul-awakening and heart-grounded pathway to harness your deepest heart's longing for life in times of change, crisis, personal transition and uncertainty--or just anytime.  In this rich 3-month Shamanic Mentoring Program, we work at every level of your being--body, mind/emotions, soul and spirit--using powerful shamanic tools for transformation and manifestation, including energy medicine, soul and gift retrieval, wound extraction, meditation, prayer, journeying, visionmaking, dreamkeeping, and others.


This is way more than "talk therapy" or coaching. They only work at the level of the mind. 

Awakened Heart Shamanism harnesses the transformational power within times of change to transform you at a deep cellular level.  Old blocks and wounds are healed, negative beliefs and soul contracts are removed and new ones brought in, and lost and yet-to-be-manifested parts of self and gifts are reseeded back into your energy body. 


Your outer life is then dramatically changed,

so you can be more confident, courageous, peaceful, and alive!    

Spiritual and Personal Transformation and Illumination

In my 3-Month Mentoring Program, through 9 one-on-one mentoring and shamanic energy healing sessions, I support you in creating a new and higher vision for your life based on your deepest heart's longings. As you face a time of change and challenge in your life, I walk you through a powerful process to remove self-doubt, fear and confusion and step into a new future with confidence, courage and power. 


Between sessions, you have exclusive access to the online mentoring course, Unlock Possibility into Probability,  packed with audio dowloads, including teachings, guided meditations, journeying, and other practices from Awakened Heart Shamanism. These help you transmute the wounds, blocks, soul contracts, and heavy energies holding you back.  


You have 24-7 access to me through email and text.  


We will uncover your soul's purpose, clear the obstacles in the way of manifesting it, connect you to a deeper spiritual source within and around you, forge trust in yourself and life no matter what is on your plate, tame inner and outer conflict, and harness your highest dreams and destiny. 

You will leave with powerful tools you can use for the rest of your life to unlock more possibilities into probability!

Allow your deepest heart's longings and highest dreams to come forth unconditionally and flower powerfully through intimate 1-1 support from me.
Shamanic Mentoring is a holistic approach that goes deep and creates powerful and eduring change. 

In 3 months, you will feel more confident, courageous and clear about the path ahead. Your outer life will change in magical ways.

A Path for Empowerment:

Harness your Highest Destiny Lines 

This mentoring program, Unlock Possibility into Probability is organised to integrate four powerful pathways from Awakened Heart Shamanism to effect deep transformation:

Energy Medicine: Three shamanic energy healing sessions, paced throughout the program to target specific themes and pain points calling for powerful healing and transformation.

Contemplation & Soul Work: 9 shamanic mentoring sessions, drawing on Rachel's full medicine basket of shamanic tools, including wise counsel, meditation, prayer, sacred song, soul readings, journeying, and more.

Study & Spiritual Deepening: Access to 20 hours of video and audio activities and teachings in the online course, Unlock Possibility into Probability.

Reading and Reflection: Gift of a companion, 70-page book, filled with insightful wisdom and rich tools to help you clean and clear your energy, heal your wounds, remove blocks and manifest your highest dreams for life.



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