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Calling the Sacred Mountains of Peru for Prosperity and Abundance

The Apus, Great Beings of Light who wear the garments of sacred mountains the world over are eager to assist you--and humanity--in releasing the mindset of scarcity. How can this be, you might ask? Are mountains really sentient? Can they really have such an intimate impact on you? And on humanity?

In the cosmovision of the indigenous peoples of the Andes in Peru, there is a vibrant, living presence within the Apus. Each mountain has a particular medicine. For instance, Apu Ausangate seeks to evoke a potent transcendence of suffering into the dawning of a higher destiny when you partner with him. Apu Machu Picchu has the power to dissolve all traumas--personal, ancestral, and collective--and help you step into absolute freedom from old sufferings.

The ancient Inca had the knowledge of how to come into communion with the greater consciousness within the Apus to dream forth your deepest desires in service of your and others' highest destiny.

I hear from so many of you that you don't have enough time, money, and even love. COVID brought up this old story in stark relief for so many of us. Yet, at the same time, you began to see how the shadow of a collective lie that there is never enough for everyone--and especially for you--lurks in your inner world. You have come to me wanting to change it--dramatically, quickly, and effectively so that you can manifest abundance and prosperit

y in every area of your life.

When you step into direct relationship with the Apus through intention, prayer, and ceremony, you catalyze a powerful upshift in the energetic matrix of your individualized consciousness. From this place, you tap into the river of ever-creative, living energy that always seeks bountiful expression. You realize that you are the Apu and the Apu is you. In this dancing web of co-creation and interconnection, you enact the eternal dance of manifestation.

The Apus help you shed scarcity mind and fear. You will know deep down to the marrow of your bones that you are a Creator Being.

Pray to them for the abundant generosity of the multiverse to be generous with you. Ask for whatever you wish to dream forth for yourself and others, whether it be good service, financial resources, love, friendship, or peace. Your vibration will be uplifted and miracles will happen.

Join me in studying the Pathways of the Awakened Heart Mesa Tradition, anchored in the cosmovision and beauty of the Andean peoples and Apus. For more information, click here.

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