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How Do Destiny Lines Work?

Destiny lines are the energetic pathways of light along which a soul travels in a single incarnation. There are multiple possible and a handful of probable maps.

Let me explain how this works with a hypothetical child named Mary.

While Mary has incubated and grown in her mother’s womb into a viable, physical, human body, she remains, as we all do, the stream of light and presence of her individualized soul and the spirit within, through and around All That Is. I call this elemental energy soulforce. Soulforce is very powerful. It is the luminous matter that both determines and can change the course of personal and collective history.

Mary’s soul is vast and contains all the memories, experiences, and imprints of personalities of her perhaps dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of incarnations in multiple forms and even dimensions. Before she began the process of merging her soul spark with the fertilized seed of the nascent embryo around 3 months into her mother’s pregnancy, Mary also chose the general characters and contours of that life. This included the planet (yes, there are other planets that support life), time in history, culture (including race, religion, etc.), society, family, ancestral lineage, friends, and enemies, if any. She also chose what experiences she will have and challenges she will face and whether the life will be easy—a time of resting—moderate, or difficult.

The choices Mary makes on a soul level will be constellated around five important desires:

1) To creatively engage in the eternal process of manifestation that is at the heart of Spirit/God/Creator’s own divine purpose;

2) To deepen her experience and knowledge;

3) To evolve and grow through chosen experiences, both difficult and joyful;

4) To be part of a collective soul family who have made an agreement to assist one another in all of the above; and, lastly, for her and all concerned,

5) To overcome separation from Spirit/God and return to oneness.

Mary might also have made a vow to return to Earth over and over again until all beings achieve the last goal. If so, this is a powerful and worthy commitment.

With all this in mind, as Mary emerges from the physical womb, on a soul level—always energetic—pathways of light shoot out of what is called the “momentum tunnel.” This is an increasingly boundaried and potent roadway of light gradually compressing the formless soul into one that is more and more individualized and that, upon the moment of birth, can hold physical form.

The power of the momentum tunnel is such that as Mary is born, multiple possible and a handful of more probable destiny lines emerge like the streams of light of a firework display into the future. Each holds potentialities to be explored by the individual. Some of the more probable destiny lines resonate in this earth-space-time continuum at a lower vibrational frequency and some at a higher.

No matter what Mary chose as a soul, once she is born, she has free will. This means that at any time, she can change the trajectory forward and, hence, shift her destiny line. The higher probable and possible destiny lines could manifest depending on the choices and events impacting Mary’s life. This includes the choices made by the people in her life and even by the unfolding of events in her community, nation, and the world.

Once Mary is born, she is pulled into a particular destiny line. Let’s say that her mother is mentally ill and abusive, and her father is absent. These traumas can provide momentum towards a life of chaos, both inner and outer, and even mental illness like her mother. This would be a lower probable destiny line. On the other hand, if Mary had the intention on a soul level to use these challenges to lead her on a different path than her parents, she could choose to work on her own healing and the transformation of the ancestral wounds she carries. This would give momentum to a possible higher destiny line of service to others as a healer, for instance. No matter where this higher destiny line leads in terms of work in the world, at the very least, she could then have a happier, more fulfilled life.

To that end, if Mary wants to harness the highest possible destiny line, it behooves her to become conscious and awake, as well as to recognize and connect with the existence of her soul. This includes coming to a clear understanding her mission and purpose for incarnating. Should she accomplish this, she would then be able to harness the powerful momentum of soulforce and be in the driver’s seat for how her life unfolds, rather than a passive victim.

In the absence of such awareness and given the conditioning from her family, she would likely be buffeted about by events and people in her life with no agency. She could even become sick and die younger.

Setting aside Mary’s life, there are tools that an individual can use to consciously and powerfully shift destiny lines. Since soulforce is energetic, just as all physical reality is so, using energy medicine and ceremonies harnessing this potent vibrational matter can dramatically change the momentum forward of a person’s life.

This does not mean that all challenges can be eliminated. The purpose of a life for the soul’s evolution could include dying early or other forms of suffering. It is important to recognize this, as there are no guarantees. And, of course, we all must eventually leave our physical garment. To that end, our death may already be orchestrated by us on a soul level with a particular purpose in mind—for ourselves and others.

Recognizing the mysterious alchemy of an individual’s path releases any shame or blame. It is not for us to judge anyone’s life, nor even our own. It is only for us to become as awake and conscious as we can possibly be. With that awareness, we can then become wise in our understanding of self, others, and the world. This in and of itself is the reward for incarnating and living.

I will speak more about how destiny lines apply to groups, nations, and even the world and how the individual’s life intersects with them in my next blog. Please join me!

Rachel Mann, PhD is a sacred activist, social scientist, healer, and spiritual mentor. Through her Institute for Sacred Peacemaking, she provides an intensive 1-1 Mentoring Program and offers courses and retreats supporting passionate individuals with a vision to integrate the wisdom gained through their own healing and spiritual study into creative service to others as a healer/therapist, spiritual teacher, writer, artist, and/or socially conscious and spiritually awake entrepreneur. Through consulting and programs, she also provides businesses, NGOs, and nonprofits wishing to expand and anchor into the sacred values of positive inclusion, compassion, and a renewed, spiritual ethics with consulting and programs. Find out more at

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