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How to Harness Humanity's Destiny Lines to Peace

The day after 9/11, I stood on a concert hall stage in front of 500-some other shocked souls at the University of Virginia. Students, faculty, staff, and administrators had been offered an opportunity to walk up to an open mic and speak of our grief, anger, hopes, and fears. The day before, I had watched the second tower fall live on the television in the teaching technology center of which I was director. I immediately felt a gash in my energy body that went from the right side of my head and wrapped around over the heart and down my torso. I knew I was feeling the same wound that was felt in the energy bodies of all US citizens.

There in the auditorium, despite the terrible stage fright I had back then, I mustered all my courage, walked up the steps, took the mic, and, with wobbling knees and shaking hands, spoke about the terrible events of the previous day, about anguish, grief and fear, and my hopeful vision of how this time could be powerful opportunity to find a path to peace.


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