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Mother Earth Loves You: Awaken the Connection

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

I know it sounds corny and even like a platitude to say Mother Earth loves you. Lots of people say it everywhere, all the time. It can be like saying "God loves you," which is just a concept until you feel his/her presence in real time, whether in a dream, a vision, or just in an astonishing moment when suddenly, there s/he is.

I'm not trying to call anyone out here. Love is the fabric of the universe. Out of love arises all form, all experience, all of life. By whatever name or source.

Just believing that our blessed Earth is capable of love and that she has love to give is a first step to awakening the connection.

Have you taken that step to believing that pachamama (the Quechua word for her) loves you? Do you have love in your heart for her? Have you even felt her love viscerally--in the marrow of your bones--from direct, personal experience? Have you, while out in Nature felt her send you--whether through a tree, bird, animal, river--a palpable, undeniable wave of unconditional love? Has it awakened you to your greater self and the vibrant domain of light that is within, through and around all that is?

I have loved Mother Earth since I was a child. It was instinctual. I was lucky in my early childhood years to live in suburban homes that way back when (we're talking 50+years) were still in the stix. Before overdevelopment and over population. There were woods, ponds, and rivers. I could step out my door and lose myself on deer trails and listen to the birds sing (there were a lot more birds back then).

In the midst of family sorrow, I found comfort and love in Mother Earth's warm embrace.

Then, later in life, when I found an earth-centered spirituality in an ancient Cherokee tradition, I discovered that I could cultivate a relationship with her through meditation, prayer, and ceremony.

So, since then, for 30 years, my connection to pachamama has deepened and grown. And more than that, she has healed me and helped me find peace. That is the greatest gift of all. I invite you to build your relationship with Mother Earth and with the Luminous Self that she loves. You will grow in courage, compassion, kindness, and love.

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