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What is Healing?

What is healing? Healing is the dynamic process of finding our wholeness even in the midst of the inevitable challenges of living in a body. Every spiritual tradition speaks of healing as integral to the path of discovery. Healing sometimes leads to a cure of symptoms of illness, but sometimes not. Healing is about finding greater sources

of sustenance beyond the merely physical. Healing is about letting go of what we no longer need and finding joy in all experience. This joy is our birthright.

However, we sometimes forget what we are borne knowing. Big and small traumas knock us off balance and we feel lost, alone and despairing. Violence and trauma in our families, communities, nations, and the world at large often make peace appear to be a distant and even non-existent dream. Nonetheless, that aching longing for happiness and our knowledge of an ever-present peace never dies, even when things seem most dark and difficult. It may be but a tiny cry, barely heard. But it is always there somewhere—waiting to be nurtured and fed.

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