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15 Benefits of Shamanic Healing That You Should Know About

Updated: May 31

Shamanic healing is a therapeutic practice that has been around for millennia and is increasingly gaining recognition in the 21st century for its numerous benefits physically, psychologically and spiritually. Yet not many people have familiarity with it, or if they do, they have many misconceptions.

In this blog, I provide an in-depth look into the nature and scope of this ancient and contemporary practice called shamanism. There are 15 benefits that I have seen in the 2000+ clients from all over the world for whom I have done shamanic healing since 2007. These include improvement in relationships, higher self-esteem and self-empowerment, manifestation of your highest mission and purpose in life, understanding and deepening your spirituality, and courage to step into work you love. Further, if you are in a big transition in your life personally or professionally, shamanic practice and energy healing can support you in understanding where you are going and developing the resilience and courage to change.

Below are 15 benefits of shamanic healing and energy medicine. But first, let me answer the question:  


What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing is a comprehensive, multidimensional, spiritual and therapeutic approach that works with the body, psychology (mind/emotions), soul, and spirit to effect healing and the manifestation of your goals   A shaman, also sometimes called a medicine person, or simply a healer, uses a variety of ceremonies, rituals, and energy healing methods to address physical, emotional, and spiritual issues, including trauma. Shamanic healing goes to the root of what blocks you, including both ancestral and personal trauma.


The word “shaman” was coined by literary scholar, Mircea Eliade in 1951 from a Tungus-speaking people in Siberia to mean an individual who uses trance states to journey to spiritual, heavenly realms on behalf of his community to achieve certain benefits, such as good crops, healing of illness, or to resolve conflicts, among other common human challenges. In the last 20 years, our understanding in the western world of who a shaman is, and what a shamanic healer or practitioner does, has expanded and deepened.


Like these ancient shamans, I am a shamanic healer who works with the human energy body and engages with your soul and spirit to create deep change in your life. After working with thousands of clients worldwide over 17 years, I can attest to how powerful shamanic healing is to removing blocks to love, health, financial prosperity, as well as improving overall well-being. The work I do is particularly focused on extracting the trauma that creates blocks and challenges, thus undermining your overall wellbeing, self-confidence, and manifestation of abundance in every area of life.

Unlocking the Benefits of Shamanic Healing

Now that you have an understanding of the concept of shamanic healing let's explore the manifold benefits it offers:


1: Emotional Relief

Shamanic healing provides a safe haven for working with and releasing deep-seated heavy emotional states. This can lead to a deepened sense of inner peace, newfound emotional equilibrium, and greater self-confidence.


2: Holistic Physical and Psychological Wellbeing

Shamanic healing works well when used alongside western psychological approaches. As such, it can be a powerful complement to conventional medicine by addressing the root spiritual, mental and emotional causes of physical ailments, psychological challenges, and persistent blocks preventing you from thriving.


3: Enhanced Mental Clarity

Shamanic healing offers many tools and techniques, including meditation, visualization, journeying, and personal rituals to help clear brain fog, sharpen focus, build self-confidence, and enhance cognitive well-being as you grapple with the fast-paced stresses and demands of daily life. 


4: Deepened Spiritual Connection, Mission and Purpose

Shamanic healing helps you foster a profound connection with your spiritual self, allowing you to explore higher consciousness, experience ecstatic and visionary states, and tap into a greater sense of meaning. In this way, you can find comfort, as well as understand and embrace your soul’s mission and purpose in life.


5: Stress Relief and Anxiety Reduction

Shamanic rituals and practices are often relaxing and stress-reducing. Through the process of a shamanic healing, you feel relief from stress and anxiety, and experience serenity and even ecstasy.


6: Trauma Recovery

Shamanic healing is particularly effective at healing the wounds of trauma. Trauma is defined as any situation causing harm. When there is no resolution of a traumatic stressor, the original wound can fester in the psyche and thus create difficult patterns in body, thoughts, and emotions. You may also find repeating patterns of trauma in relationships, work, finances, and health. Shamanic healing provides powerful tools to extract the source of the wound and thus help you recover from these symptoms.


7: Balance and Harmony

One of the core goals of shamanic practice is to bring harmony and balance between the body, mind, soul, and spirit, thus helping you feel a greater sense of physiological wellbeing and flow in your daily life.


8: Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

Another one of the significant benefits of shamanic healing is that it takes you on a unique journey of self-discovery. Through shamanic energy healing, as well as various practices and rituals, you can explore the dynamic connection between your inner and outer world and experiences while accessing hidden strengths and magnetizing your life's mission and purpose.


9: Sharpened Intuition

Shamanic practices not only provide you peace of mind, but they have been known to sharpen intuition, allowing you to make better choices with greater confidence. By knowing and accessing your natural and profound interconnection with All That Is–the Love-Light within, through and around all of Creation, you feel more supported, develop greater compassion for self and others, and have a sense of the rightness of life.


10: Healing and Strengthening Relationships and Finding Like-Minded Community

Shamanic healing deepens your connection with yourself. This enables you to develop healthy boundaries and more positive relationships with others. It can give you confidence to change or leave relationships that no longer serve you or even undermine your wellbeing.  By resolving inner and outer conflicts and healing your emotional wounds, you can develop the confidence to make new and healthier friendships and partnerships, whether in love or business. You will find that you attract more like-minded people into your life, including perhaps an expanded spiritual community. 


11: Reconnection with Nature and the Cosmos

In a shamanic healing, I call upon the powers and forces of Nature, as well as the Love Light that infuses our multidimensional cosmos, called by many names: God, Spirit, Creator, Allah, Yahweh, and others. This helps you feel more loved and loving. Grounding into Mother Earth gives you greater vitality and energy. Connecting with Power Animals and the spirits of star beings, mountains, waters, and land provide a source of transformation and a visceral experience of your greater soul and spirit. Building these natural relationships infuses your life with greater comfort, ease and peace.


12: Ancestral Healing and Breaking Cycles

Contemporary shamanism is particularly focused on healing the wounds of your ancestors, and the ways they block you from your full vitality and prosperity in life. Generational trauma can be very impactful on the quality of your life, as you can find yourself living out of old conditioning from family and society that undermines your wellbeing in both visible and invisible ways. The process of wound extraction and soul retrieval through time and space in shamanic practice not only changes the past (your ancestors), but your present, and your descendants’ future. Cycles of harm, illness, abuse, emotional instability, anxiety, depression, and lack of financial abundance can be broken. 


13: Energy Cleansing and Renewal

One of the most important aspects of shamanic healing is energy cleansing. Using hands, feathers, rattles, drumming, sacred song, and sweet scents, a shamanic practitioner can clean and clear your energy body and chakras deep down into the physical body.  This in and of itself helps you feel lighter and more optimistic. 


14: Support for Changing Your Life

If you find yourself feeling more intensely that you need to change something in your life–whether your career or work, financial situation, relationship–or to manifest a long-held dream or project, shamanic healing provides a comprehensive approach that works on many levels to empower you to step towards a new future. Or perhaps you have recently gone through a divorce, were laid off, or have lost a loved one. These experiences mark major turning points in the direction of your life. Shamanic healing can help you recover from the stress, shock, and grief from the latter conditions and support you in stepping into a renewed and beautiful life.


15 Overall Holistic Wellbeing

Shamanism focuses on the emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions of life, providing a comprehensive, multidimensional approach to healing and personal growth. If you're looking for a way to lead a more harmonious and fulfilling life, consider shamanic healing.


If you want to get the most out of your life and spiritual journey, shamanic healing is a potent tool. In the 21st century, shamanism, deeply rooted in ancient wisdom and paired with contemporary understandings of personal and ancestral trauma, unlocks keys to emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.  It can help you cope with stress and recover from symptoms of trauma. You will deepen your intuitive gifts. You can create more positive relationships, develop a meaningful and profound connection with the natural world and the cosmos, and contribute to ancestral healing for the planet. By unlocking your highest destiny for the manifestation of your mission and purpose, your life can have greater meaning and be more powerfully fulfilling and positively impactful on others. You can contribute through your own healing to the healing of the planet.

And a caveat: Shamanic healing is not a miracle treatment. Healing trauma can be a long term and complicated process. It can take time and diligent effort to recover. You may also need to work with a clinically trained therapist instead of or alongside shamanic energy healing (I am not a clinician--my PhD is in the humanities). For many years, energy healing was but one approach in my toolkit. I combined it with talk therapy with a trauma-informed therapist, psychoanalysis, psychodrama, and other body-based modalities over a period of many years. You can read my story here. I have also partnered with a clinically trained psychologist when working with clients. And sometimes, shamanic healing is not the right modality for you.


If you are interested in going on this journey of healing through a proven, millennia-old shamanic practice, please feel free to reach out to me by signing up for a free Discovery Call. We can explore what issues you are grappling with, what your highest vision is for your life, and how best I can support you in creating abundance in all ways. I bring 30 years of study of Buddhism, Native American spirituality, shamanism, and western approaches to treating and perspectives on trauma, both personal and transgenerational. I would love to work with you to help you unlock your true potential, manifest your highest destiny, help you move through major transitions in life, and deepen your spirituality.

Know About Rachel Mann

With more than 20 years of experience, Rachel Mann dedicates herself to being your shamanic healer, spiritual teacher, mentor & coach. She triggers the fires of powerful healing in her clients. Her spiritual teachings stir your soul, her mentoring and coaching build regain authenticity, build your confidence, courage, and empowerment. .Over 2,000 clients worldwide have manifested their authenticity and creative and spiritual gifts in the world. 

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