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A Solstice Ceremony to Catalyze a New Vision for Your Life

All around the world for millennia, human beings have understood the power of the Solstices to magnetize highest visions and elevate consciousness. I have had the privilege to visit powerful sacred sites—some dating back to the Mesolithic ) (10-8,000 BC and Neolithic (10,000-2,200 BC) in places like Ireland and the island of Malta in the Mediterranean—that archaeoastronomers have definitively proven are aligned to the Solstices. I have walked among the stone shrines of the ancient Inca in Peru and myriad stone circles in Ireland. There are others in places like Turkey that I hope to visit one day.

It is no coincidence that festivals and ceremonies such as Kwanza and Christmas fall around the Solstice in December. There is healing potency in the solar shift from the longest and shortest days where light either begins its procession into shorter and shorter or longer and longer cycles. Therefore, this draw to ceremony at these times is not, as western historians, anthropologists and archeologists have said for decades out of fear that the light will not return or a desire to make it eternal. It is also not only to either build up stamina to make it through the winter or to internalize the joy of the coming spring and summer. It is also because this celestial transition can help us release what no longer serves us and manifest our highest dreams.

When you tune in with intentionality into the energetic frequency of the Solstice, you can actually sense its transformational potential. Working consciously with this elemental source at the apex between light and dark, you can heal what ails you, find peace and meaning, and touch into the greater soul and spirit that you are. It is easier to commune with the mystical, cosmic dimensions of creation. So it is at these crucial portals that you want to plant seeds of freedom and enlightenment so that intensify and grow.

Working consciously with darkness—the shadow—we can heal the deepest personal and ancestral wounds and bring forth yet to be manifested potential; working consciously with light, we can transmute heaviness in mind and heart and catalyze freedom, love, prosperity, and abundance. If we are living through a long dark night, such as war, where there seems to be no end in sight, tapping into the power of these portals with our prayers, we can build resilience, strength and hope. New pathways for resolution of conflict and struggle can be called forth. Our perspective can shift, both individually and collectively.

So here I offer you a simple ceremony that can be done on the Solstice itself or within the 3-day portal of the celestial procession from light to dark and dark to light. I learned it from my Q’ero teacher, Puma Fredy Singona Quispe:

  • Find a beautiful clear quartz crystal or some other stone that appeals to you.

  • Pray to the Spirit of the Solstice, the 4 directions, Earth and Sky/Spirit.

  • Make an offering of smoke such as sage or Palo Santo.

  • Stand facing the East with your feet more than hip-width apart, your arms by your side and a bit out from the torso with hands facing the ground, palms forward.

  • Breathe in deeply the love-light and breathe out generously the same 3 times.

  • Pray first in gratitude for the lessons and goodness of what has transpired in the last cycle of the lengthening or shortening of daylight.

  • Pray then for what you wish to release, for what is complete, for what is no longer needed.

  • Then pray for what you wish to manifest in the next cycle of the procession of the sun. Pray ardently, fervently. Visualize it strongly. Build its power even as you feel the energetic response of the Solstice gate.

  • Blow those prayers into the crystal three times open throated (like you are saying “Aaah”).

  • Stand holding the stone and feel the power of the Solstice gate. You may receive energy, messages and visions. Trust what you feel, see, sense, hear, and know. Even if you don’t, trust that the Cosmic Portal of the Solstice has heard your prayers.

Absolutely ASK for what you want and need; don’t be shy. Try to release your self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness! Call in the potent medicine of the Solstice to feed and nourish your highest dreams.

The ancestors are listening to you. Mother Earth and Father Sun are too. And the Great Teachers of Light such as Jesus and the Angels and Archangels of the highest order are too. No matter your religion or system of belief—even if you are an atheist—it is good to sink into your highest vision for life!

I pray fervently that all your dreams will come true and that the love-light of Creation grow in your body, heart and mind.

Aho. May it be so. Gratitude.

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