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The 4 Sacred Keynotes of an Inspired and Courageous Life: Transform Violence into Love

Have you always dreamed of living in a world that is kind, caring and compassionate?

Are you watching the violence, hatred, injustice, environmental destruction, and unkindness of all kinds to targeted groups of the human family with fear, uncertainty, sadness, and even anger?

Have you heard great spiritual leaders like the Dalai Lama talk about how ending violence on the planet starts with your own mind? Are you confused or curious about what this means?

Do you want to feel more courageous and effective as you face not only the uncertainties and stresses in your own life, but in the world, as a whole?

Do you want to take everything you have learned on your journey of personal growth and spiritual exploration and use it to create a more peaceful and just world?

You have the power to go deeper into the greater mysteries of life to find answers to your pressing questions about all of this and more with the 4 Sacred Keynotes of an Inspired and Courageous Life: Transforming Violence into Love. 

By magnetizing the collective mind of reconciliation, collaboration and love, you will change the world for the next seven generations and beyond.

Love seeks expression through beauty.  Love creates the inspiration to put into outer form our inner vision through color, sound, scent, song, and all other forms of expression.

Beauty creates connection.  When we create monuments of beauty, we draw in all people of all walks of life, beliefs, credos, cultures, religions, and backgrounds to feel their basic, human connection with one another and Mother Earth.

Connection nurtures seeds of caring and compassion.  When we ignite the heart of connection–our natural human state–we realize we have enough energy, time and passion to care for the world.

Compassion heals, opens and unites mind and heart. Compassion breaks through the old paradigm of separation and fear, the need for power over, so that we step forward courageously to call of healing and reconciliation.

Heart and mind joined in sacred union ever seek to build a life and world founded on peace and love.  

And so you dance in a sacred circle of beauty, love, connection, and compassion and change the world with every breath you breathe.

When you catalyze these 4 Sacred Keynotes of an Inspired and Courageous Life through thought, word and action, the resonant pulse of love and compassion grows inside you and in the world.  You fear is released.  Your wounds are healed. Energy is renewed. Your zest for life returns.  You feel less buffeted by the blows and challenges of life.  Your compassion for the world grows.

So deeply nourished in body, mind, and spirit, your natural, human passion arises to contribute to alleviating suffering within, through and around you.

These are your original instructions as a human being: to live in harmony and balance with yourself, others and the world.  To stand in your sacred hoop of personal authority with integration and power as you courageously seek, along with so many others, a true peace.

You can bring beauty, love, connection, and compassion more and more into your own life and to the planet.

This is who you truly are.  Everything else is an illusion.

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