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The Divine Feminine is Rising Up to Change the World

In mid-2019, I received visionary guidance to bring forward the Divine Feminine in her archetypal presences and forms as an act of sacred activism for ending violence and peacebuilding. I have long felt deeply connected to White Buffalo Calf Woman,

a powerful being of light who appeared to the Lakota to enjoin them to return to their peaceful ways. She gifted them the sacred pipe ceremony. Reaching back to my Buddhist roots, I have also felt nourished and supported by Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion. Mother Earth herself, in her cosmic form as the mother of all life on this planet, is a complete and full embodiment of the feminine.

So it was that this calling was enjoining me to anchor more strongly into this powerful, compassionate, nurturing, generative, and life-giving vibrational frequency.

I carry a mesa—a sacred bundle adapted from the Q’ero people of Peru. I was made aware 15 years ago when I began this powerful initiation into this lineage, that there were male and female mesas. My mesa is precious to me; it is the source of self-healing. I also use the stones and crystals in it in shamanic energy healing sessions.

The intuitive guidance I received told me that I would be making a new, feminine mesa, at the center of which would be a quartz crystal charged to the Goddess energies. Lo and behold, last fall, I was drawn one day to take a course with a wonderful teacher from Peru, Puma Fredy Singona Quispe. I did not know when I signed up that the first thing we would do would be to charge a crystal on the stellar event of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury—as he called them, the 3 Goddesses rising, just as the 3 Kings of the Bible came to the baby Jesus.

He then told us some time later that historically the mesa had a stone at the center charged to a spirit called an “Awki”—a being holding a masculine frequency. But that recently, he and others have been guided to replace this with the cosmic feminine. Further, while the mesa tradition was considered solely the purview of men for several hundred years—perhaps due to the influence of the European, Christian invaders, in recent years, more and more women are being initiated into this work.

Now my new mesa is powerfully attuned to the Divine Feminine. I consider it to be integrally connected to the healing of the world.

Over the past century, women have been rising up in greater numbers worldwide to demand equal rights, the right to vote, and freedom from oppression and violence. They have also been a champion of the rights of all human beings. One early event took place during World War I in The Hague in the Netherlands. 1,136 women from warring and neutral nations came together to discuss how to end the battle and establish peace. At the same time, the suffragist movement was starting in the United States, which then led to a movement for Black men to also have the vote.

In metaphysical, spiritual circles, women far outnumber men. Over the past 15 years, only a handful of men have taken my courses on Awakened Heart Shamanism. The Dalai Lama has been credited with saying that the western women will be the ones the change the world. While I feel it is women worldwide of all cultures and nations who are changing the world, I still appreciate the sentiment.

I am here to deliver this good news when there is a great deal of bad news in the media today about women’s rights being threatened—the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, known for their complete suppression and oppression of women, and the new Texas law just passed to severely limit access to abortion and allowing private citizens to sue their female neighbors who do so. This is but one example of the brutality of domination raising its ugly head in the U.S. not just recently, but throughout its history. The U.S. has not been alone. For hundreds of years, violence in all its forms from subtle to overt has marred the human experience. The West has been one of its most ready purveyors, but so have China, India, Arab nations, and others.

Yes, the well-being of humanity seems to always be at high risk—and perhaps more so now than ever before. But it is also true that draconian movements to control and put down women and other reformers in a country that has also been, paradoxically, a leader in moving forward equal rights for all, point to a powerful tilt in the consciousness of humanity.

For indeed, the arising of the Divine Feminine is giving us hope.

Times of radical change and transition are often met with an equal force of resistance. Yet, any system that is built on a severe imbalance will ultimately come to reckoning. This is both an energetic and a physical shift. It may take centuries—even millennia—but the shift will come.

My mesa that keeps a central seat for the Divine Feminine gives me inspiration and hope. I consider it to be holding a vibrational frequency of healing the wounding of Mother Earth and her children, both women and men, young and old, the animals, plants, waters, and land.

And in the greater world around me, I am also made hopeful by the men and women who are stepping up to demand a new world in which oppression and domination do not exist. Yes, I believe that we can approach human sexuality, procreation, and pregnancy in new, perhaps yet to be imagined ways that still preserve women’s sovereign control of their bodies. But the way it is being done with threats of lawsuits and violence is not the right way.

Sacred activism in the way of the mesa as it is linked to actions taken in the outer world amplify a creative vibrational field so that new solutions not involving oppression and force can be found. This is harnessing the highest destiny lines of all of us, including the souls seeking to be borne.

The Divine Feminine is enjoining us to awaken to the unlimited horizons of a higher consciousness.

May we all step up and take part!

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