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What is an Indigo Child? 10 Signs You are One and How Shamanic Healing Can Support You

Meeting Indigo Children

I am conversing with a young woman who has come to me for a shamanic healing session. Her energy is bright and indescribably light even though she is telling me about the problems that have brought her to me. I feel a sense of deep spirit about her and, when I shift from ordinary to subtle perception, I see an aura of indigo, intense blue or violet around her. She feels like an old soul, though she is relatively young—in her 20s.

I assume she is an Indigo Child. Or rather, I should say, I know she is of this luminous stock. And, as a result, I understand a great deal about why she has had the challenges she relates to me. In fact, I realize that part of my job is to help her navigate the challenges of being an Indigo and help her integrate her considerable gifts into a focused sense of purpose. In fact, many people who are Indigo come to me and say, “I think I have healing gifts, but I don’t know what to do with them.”

So, as I speak with this client, we begin the healing work to reveal what it is she has come to this world to do and to remove the blocks she feels for forward movement. In the process, she can learn how to handle her unique and sometimes difficult sensitivities so she can thrive.  

10 Signs You are an Indigo Child

Many years ago, I began to hear about the Indigo children and how they incarnated here on Earth to contribute to the higher evolution of humanity. It is said that a doorway opened for thousands of Indigos to be born in the 60s. They were part of the countercultural movement that exploded in the 70s and eventually became the cultural creatives of the 80s, 90s and on into the 21st century.

It is not that there were no Indigos prior to the 60s. There were. It was just that they began to incarnate in greater numbers because humanity was entering into this moment of powerful evolutionary change. Hence, as souls, they agreed to incarnate to facilitate this shift into a higher consciousness. This continues now.

When I first read the list identifying some of the qualities of such individuals, I recognized many of them in myself.

1)      Indigo children are extremely intelligent and can become highly interested in a particular field of study starting at an early age.

2)     They have creative talents in areas such as writing, music, art, theatre, and others that show up very early in life or emerge later.

3)     They are highly empathic, compassionate, and tuned into others.

4)     They are often told that they seem far more mature than their years.

5)     They may be highly sensitive to sound, certain foods, chemicals, and scents which can make daily life challenging.

6)     They often question mainstream, dominant values, beliefs, and constructs.

7)     They have a strong desire to be of service to others and to the planet. They often feel like they have strong sense of destiny and a special spiritually-oriented mission which later evolves as if pre-planned, whether or not they understand it.

8)    They remember living past lives and often can recognize in other people they have been with in them.

9)     They usually have some combination of psychic gifts which have been evident since childhood. Or, if they have suppressed or forgotten about them due to being feared, denied and/or denigrated by their family and society, they can begin to resurface later in life. Some of what are called the “clairs” they exhibit are:

  • Clairvoyance: the ability to see what is not in the physical internally or externally

  • Clairsentience: the ability to have a bodily feeling sense of information, often about what others are feeling physically

  • Clairaudience: the ability to hear voices of spirits or get messages from non-ordinary sources internally or externally

  • Claircognizance: the ability to simply know something that is not obvious or to receive the knowing of higher knowledge and spiritual wisdom without training.

  • Clairempathy: the ability to feel and experience others’ emotions (humans and/or animals even when they are not being shown on the surface or to feel the emotions of people, animals or land who lived in the past in a particular place

10)  They often have healing gifts and find friends, family, and even strangers reaching out to them for advice or help.

The Challenges & Problems of Indigo Children

Indigo clients come to me for help with a variety of issues. In some cases, they have had a great deal of trauma which they know is important to heal so that they can fulfill their mission in life—particularly if they know they are a healer. Because Indigo children are so sensitive, they often are isolated and misunderstood in their families. Or they might have a parent who is mentally unstable, addicted and abusive whom they feel responsible for.  

Though this is a common story among many of my clients, what is particularly noticeable in Indigo children is the level of compassion, empathy and, thus, the guilt they carry. They may have a much harder time than some people with setting hard boundaries and prioritizing self-care. Further, as in my own life, they understand that this experience is actually contributing to their journey towards manifesting fully their healing gifts in the service of others.

Indigo children can also find themselves overwhelmed with stimulus and input as a result of their psychic gifts. Lost spirits of people or animals who have not gone to the light or ancestral spirits of the land in need of healing may seek them out. Just as we must all set healthy boundaries with people in the body, so we must do with those out of the body.

Often, some Indigo children have noticeable healing powers in their hands and their energy field. This can become a problem for them if they are absorbing the trauma of people around them. Their energy body can become very heavy, contributing to depression and anxiety.

Shamanic Healing for Indigo Children

Shamanic healing is an excellent modality for Indigo children precisely because it works multidimensionally with the body-mind-soul-spirit which most of us have already been very aware of. Because of their incredible sensitivity, it is very important that they heal personal and ancestral trauma or else they can remain destabilized emotionally and be unable to manifest their gifts fully in their lives.  

I have found that Indigo children move through healing trauma much faster than others. This seems to be in part because they can readily shift into higher vibrational trance states.

Though I am facilitating the healing, they often become active participants and have visions, see colors, and receive messages and wisdom from the Higher Self, ancestral and spirit beings.  Through my shamanic mentoring program, I am also able to understand and learn how to use their spiritual knowing and psychic gifts in ways that will support their own lives and, ultimately, lead them to being able to do so for others.

Ultimately, Indigo children have a profound and important longing to be whole, authentic and a healing force in the world.  The earth-based, mystical practices and worldview of shamanism meets them right at the center of this heart map and makes it possible for them to manifest their love for others in balanced ways while living in wholeness.

If you think you are an Indigo child, Rachel Mann PhD can help you understand yourself and support you into manifesting all your gifts and desire to be of service to others with shamanic healing and her Mentoring Program.

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