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Do you find 
peace & healing in Nature?
Do you know there is more to this
world than meets the eye?
Do animals& birds speak to you? 
Has your interest in shamanism suddenly felt imperative to answer?
Or are you already a shamanic practitioner and want to go deeper?


Join Me in this FREE Masterclass to Answer Your Calling to Shamanism!

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Take a Deep Dive into Transformational Shamanic Practices for Peace & Healing

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Register for the Class You Want to Attend

Choose the date you wantto attend:

Thank you for signing up for our Awakened Heart Shamanism Masterclass!

Or answer your calling to shamanism fully & joyfully by registering for my 7-class course on the path of Awakened Heart Shamanism
Starts April 20

Awakened Heart Shamanism
is a powerful spiritual & healing pathway of love & light inspired by the wisdom of the Q'ero medicine people of Peru, the loving kindness practices of Buddhism, the spirit of Native American teachings on peace. & the best western science on trauma & resilience.
Live a more thriving, creative, meaningful & purpose-driven life anchored in a powerful spiritual practice. Become part of a global community that is healing the world with shamanism.

This 7-class intensive taught online & in person in Alexandria, VA starts Saturday, April 20 every other week. 
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