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12 Benefits of Having a Spiritual Mentor

Updated: Mar 28

Spirituality at its best provides a pathway to discovering our authenticity, our purpose in life, and an enduring sense of connection to something greater that supports and loves us unconditionally within, through and around us. In the face of the many challenges life presents us with, from traumas to just the stresses and responsibilities of each day, when we recognize that everything is part of the spiritual journey of soul and spirit, we find healing and meaning.

Sometimes an event or series of events and synchronicities propels us to reach for the spiritual in our lives. These could include:

  • Major life events, such as the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, an accident, or illness.

  • An escalation of feelings of boredom and being stuck in relationships, jobs, and/or emotional and mental patterns that have not changed, no matter how hard we have tried.

  • A realization that a creative project or spiritual business venture can no longer be put off lest we fail our spiritual calling in life.

  • A calling within after perhaps long study of many spiritual paths and practices, that we need to integrate all of it into a holistic vision authentic to us.

  • A rising pressure to expand our work and life beyond the confines of conventional religion, a need to overcome the fear it entails, and figuring out our unique way of living a spiritual life by whatever name or in whatever form.

Ultimately, we either feel within ourselves or receive a message of some kind–sometimes from others or even from a spiritual source such as a dream or vision–that if we don’t change and reach for something spiritual, something greater beyond our family and societal conditioning and expectations, we will live a life devoid of meaning and fail to manifest our true mission and purpose–our highest destiny.

No doubt, this awakening and the spiritual journey that leads to or follows it can be a complex and winding path filled with confusion, anxiety, self-doubt, and questions. As a result, we may develop over time an intuition that we need a spiritual mentor or coach who can guide us, deepen and expand our spirituality, and illuminate the way forward.

This is how I see my role as a spiritual coach: to be a guiding light offering wisdom, support, and insights that will deepen your spiritual practice, help you heal traumas that have held you back and blocked you, provide you with the courage to change and pursue your passion to serve others, and find your authenticity. These are but a few of the 12 transformative benefits of having a spiritual mentor.

What is a Spiritual Mentor or Coach?

Before delving into the benefits of spiritual coaching and how my grounding as a shamanic healer and practitioner can support you, I want to answer the question, "What is spiritual mentoring or spiritual life coaching? I also want to note how my own role as a shamanic healer and practitioner can accelerate your healing process and spiritual growth.

As a spiritual mentor, I guide you to deepening your authentic self-expression and spirituality. Together, we break down barriers of self-doubt and confusion and anchor you into self-empowerment and courage.

I help you build trust in your intuition and spiritual guidance through dreams and synchronicities. I support your journey in every way, no matter what religious, philosophical or moral rudder you reach for. I also coach you on how to take steps towards integrating your spirituality into your relationships, career, work, and other areas of your life. Together, we figure out your purpose and mission in life and lay the groundwork to manifest it in the world in whatever way or domain is authentic to you.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the benefits of spiritual mentoring and coaching with me:

1) Personalized Mentorship

From the start of your work with me, we will be exploring the vision you have for our work together: what are you bringing to the table to heal? What are your personal goals for your life in vocation, work or career? In relationships? In finances? In personal and spiritual growth and exploration? As a spiritual mentor, I tailor our work to your specific and unique needs. From there, our work unfolds organically.

2) Personal Growth and Empowering Self-Discovery

Our personal and spiritual growth is intimately tied to delving deeply into our inner world and linking it to our outer experience, both positive and negative. As a spiritual coach and mentor, I guide you in unpacking and exploring your feelings, thoughts, and life experiences and how they are affecting or undermining your inner and outer wellbeing. This eventually leads us to doing the work of shamanic energy healing. When we do not do this important work of self-discovery, we remain unconscious and are buffeted by outer events and our rocky emotional states. Personal growth and self-discovery are, in contrast, empowering. Instead of feeling like we are at the mercy of fate, we realize that we are in control of driving our destiny to where we want it to go. We become deeper and wiser, more compassionate and kinder toward self and others.

3) Emotional Support and Unconditional Regard

Choosing a spiritual mentor with whom you can speak comfortably about your traumas, challenges, emotions, and experiences is very crucial to your personal and spiritual growth. A keynote of the energy I bring into my spiritual coaching is a safe, warm, and nonjudgmental space. This compassionate support helps you heal, develop unconditional self-regard and trust in yourself, your journey in life, and the choices you make.

4) Healing Personal and Ancestral Trauma

A crucial part of personal growth and spiritual development is to heal from trauma. This process leads you to deeper levels of wisdom and wellbeing. At the very center of all such challenges is the potential to find our way to greater spiritual meaning and connection. In my work as a shamanic healer, I can extract the personal and ancestral wounds that continue to negatively impact your life and retrieve soul parts—or lost or yet to be manifested parts of self—that will allow you to grow and flourish.

5) Dreamwork and Interpretation

Dreams often bring a spiritual message or support. Dreamwork and interpretation are central to my spiritual mentoring and coaching. They lead us to healing and the manifestation of our highest dreams.

6) Deepening Your Personally Authentic Spiritual Practice

Spiritual mentors and coaches have often been engaged for a long time in their own spiritual study and practice. My beginnings were in Christianity, as my parents took me as a child to the Episcopal and then the Unitarian churches. Then, as a teenager, my mother–a spiritual seeker herself–took our family to learn Transcendental Meditation. Then, in my early 30s, I met my first Native American teacher and continued until today studying this profound wisdom cosmology, more recently the practices and principles of the Q’ero people of the Andes in Peru. I have long engaged, as well, with Buddhist thought and practice.

Like many people in this day and age, I had to eventually find a way to integrate all that I had experienced and learned into a personally authentic spiritual practice that I would then offer in support of others. The practices I teach are non-denominational, as I want to help you embrace the practices and tools that resonate with you until you have a personally authentic, robust spiritual foundation for your life. If you are interested specifically in shamanism and Native American spiritual wisdom, then I can anchor you into that practice.

7) Life Guidance and Decision-Making

A good mentor helps you make important life choices that are in line with your spiritual beliefs and values. As a spiritual mentor and coach, I offer insights and advice, as well as support you in finding your spiritual center and foundation so that you feel good about the way forward in your life.

8) Understanding Spiritual Experiences and Overcoming Spiritual Plateaus

Often, in our journey of spiritual study and growth, we have profound spiritual experiences and visions that make us realize that we are much more than our body, mind and emotions, or that may even upend our lives. Or we get stuck at a particular stage of spiritual development. There is a well-worn map of spiritual development provided by many spiritual traditions, including shamanic practice. As a spiritual mentor and coach, I offer you insights into your experiences and support you with tools such as meditation, journaling, personal rituals, and inner journeying so you can deepen your understanding and integration of them—all in service of moving through and beyond spiritual plateaus into greater spiritual wisdom and enlightenment.

9) Increased Accountability

It goes without saying that in your path of personal and spiritual growth and self-discovery, you are solely responsible for your life. In my role as a spiritual mentor and coach, I hold you accountable for your spiritual practice and ensure that you maintain a steadfast commitment to your personal and spiritual growth. You discover what works for you, what does not, and what you want to continue developing.

10) Passing on Spiritual Wisdom

As a longtime spiritual practitioner and student, I will offer you the knowledge, wisdom, and insights from my journey and from the path I teach, Awakened Heart Shamanism. This is an important contribution of any spiritual mentor and coach. I offer you many shamanic and spiritual tools, including meditation, shamanic healing, processes for self-reflection and self-inquiry, active imagination (also known as shamanic journeying), education on a variety of relevant topics, such as the neurobiology and psychology of trauma, the nature and pathways of spiritual growth shared across traditions, and the meaning and purpose of your spiritual experiences and longings.

11)Encouragement and Motivation

It is easy on our journey of personal growth and spiritual development to hit hard patches and difficult stages. Even the ordinary challenges of life can derail us from our inner work and our spiritual practice. As your spiritual mentor and coach, I act as a cheerleader to keep you motivated and focused.

12) Strengthened Faith and Belief

As a spiritual mentor, I help you explore your understandings about the nature of reality, the existence of something greater, your experience of God or Spirit, by whatever name, your understanding of the soul, and the meaning and purpose of life. You emerge out of our work together with a far stronger sense of connection to something greater than you that elevates your spiritual stance and perception and helps you stand resolute in your beliefs.


The benefits of having a spiritual coaching mentor are deep, positive, and personally and spiritually transformative. I would love to support and mentor you in all these ways with my shamanic spiritual mentoring and coaching! Are you ready to harness your highest destiny and to heal fully? Let’s go! There’s no time to lose!

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