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Healing the Wounds of the Ancestors with Shamanic Energy Medicine

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the violence brought against peaceful protestors in the US in 2020, African Americans and their allies of all races made very clear how much violence and discrimination they continue to live with.

Things were tense and scary.  Old, unhealed, collective wounds were glaringly revealed.

Did you feel it? I sure did. It doesn't matter if you are in the U.S. or some other country where a deep trauma such as war, ethnic or cultural conflict, slavery, or any other similar event happened. If those wounds have not been healed, then people will never feel safe. Pain will always linger and cause great distortions in people's behaviors, such as in the systemic racism in the U.S.

This pain then reverberates down to yown personal life in blocks, heavy patterns in mind and emotions, and even physical illness.

Healing the wounds of transgenerational traumas is one of the main reasons I became a shamanic healer.  Why? Because early on in the years I was seeking energy medicine to heal my personal trauma, I encountered the wounds of my ancestors deep within me.  And the collective wounds of humanity.

I decided I wanted to help others–both individuals and humanity.

How is it that your trauma is connected into this huge web?  In western psychology, it is recognized that your pain can in part be a result of the pain of your parents.  And their pain is a result of the problems of their parents.  And so it goes on.


In fact, if you consider the exponential branching back in time of your ancestral heritage and the connection of those people to their friends, communities, nations, you will see that eventually, the stream of experience reaches literally into the thousands.  And every single one of them had their personal wounds, as well as being affected by historical events–many of them violent.

The science of epigenetics has only just begun to recognize in the last 10 years that trauma can be transmitted from mother to child.  These revelations followed upon groundbreaking research done by psychiatrists such as Yael Danieli in the early 90s that the children and grandchildren of survivors of the Nazi death camps in World War II were experiencing PTSD symptoms as a result of dreams they were having of the camps even though they had never been there.  She wrote extensively about multigenerational legacies of trauma.

How does this work when you get energy healing work?

When I reach deeply into your energy body, I am following the track lines to find and extract the source of the wound. Indeed, physical pain and difficult emotions provide the entryway into what lies hidden deep within your subconscious.  There is literally what I would describe as a river of energy leading me into your personal past and from there to the experiences of your ancestors. From there, I also might be led into collective human experiences of trauma.

Remember, the great psychologist, Carl Jung spoke extensively about how in addition to having our personal unconscious, we also are connected into the collective unconscious.

Here is an example:  in the first energy healing I received, I was wanting relief from chronic, intense physical pain in my body. Soon after the healer put her hands gently on my body, I went into a light trance. Within minutes, I was experiencing the death of a warrior on a field of battle in the Middle Ages.  As I followed the track lines of our joined experiences, I experenced in a light way his suffering and saw how it intersected with mine.  As the healing went on and I engaged with his consciousness, I was able to heal him.

When I got up from the massage table, I was pain free.  You can read this story in more detail by clicking here.

For years after that, many of the healings I received led me directly into the wounds of my mother and my closer ancestors, as well as the collective.

These experiences–and the informal training I received “on the table” on how to follow the intricate energy streams from my present into my past and beyond–made me want to help others. In doing so, I knew I could help the world.

Now, when so much of the pain of our collective history of slavery, the Civil War, Jim Crow, Reconstruction, and racism in this country is appearing with such terrible ferocity, the time is ripe for healing.  One way to do this is to continue to work on healing your wounds and the wounds of your ancestors. Every time you transform these energetic imprints within you, you are, in fact, making at least a small repair of the tear in the fabric of our collective trauma.

Consider what would happen if billions of people did this work.  It would be like billions of drops of honey soothing and removing the pain.  Eventually, the tide would turn. There would be more peace and more of a collective will to seek out creative, nonviolent solutions to our problems–including that of racism.

This inspires and motivates me. I hope it does you, too.  If you want a shamanic healing session to heal your beautiful life and the lives of your ancestors, click here.

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