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Feeling Overwhelmed by What is Going on in the World? Read on for Hope!

Do you feel pain of the world and even how it seems to intersect with the wounds you have carried? 

Are you feeling weighed down by events on the world stage? 

Do you want to know how to live in this world of chaos and turmoil without getting dragged down into despair and hopelessness, fear and insecurity? 

Do you want to know what it means to heal yourself, heal the world? How transforming your wounds and forging a powerful connection between body, heart and mind can ripple outward to create a world of peace and compassion?

Do you feel the connection between healing the wounds within you to heal your ancestors and successive generations?  

If so, read on!

In my childhood I had a clear, unwavering passion: I wanted people to be free from the pain of war and violence. I wanted to live in a world of peace in which all human beings, animals and Mother Earth are treated respectfully. In which there is no more hunger and poverty.

Yes, I knew this when I was very young.  For a long time, I thought I was unusual compared to my peers. But as I have gotten older, I hear more stories from friends, colleagues, clients and students that they, too felt this way from a young age.  Or along the way somewhere into their teens and early twenties, they awoke with a deep desire for the world to be a better place and for their own actions, even in very small ways, to make it so.

Are you feeling it, too? Did you come to this place at some point in your life, whether in youth, or your middle or later years where you felt a call to create a vibrational resonance for peace and healing for the world?

Or you just want to somehow make the madness stop!

It doesn’t matter when that spark of desire was lit. And it doesn’t matter if you know yet what it means.

What matters is that it is now burning in your heart.

Or you may have an inkling or even a strong vision.

Wherever you are with this, I know it may seem scary. You feel overwhelmed, helpless and hopeless in the face of stories of children being separated from their parents at the US Mexico border, the rise of white supremacy and separatist nationalism in the US and Europe, an increase in war-mongering, an idealization of authoritarian government and leadership, the ongoing destruction of natural habitats, the theft of lands from neighbors and strangers and access to fresh, free water in service of corporate greed.

Yes, I get it. I, too, have those moments when I am afraid or I am uselessly gnashing my teeth and feeling rage.

But I keep returning to something deeper that years of spiritual practice and transformational healing work on my own trauma has given me.  I also keep returning to my mission to give others hope and a vision for a New Earth of compassion and peace.

I am here to help you understand how to respond skillfully and effectively to that fire in the heart. To help you step out of overwhelm, hopelessness and despair.

Now, in my case, I left my comfortable, well-salaried career to become a shamanic healer, spiritual teacher and visionary peacemaker in 2007.

But you don’t have to do what I did.  You don’t have to leave your job, walk away from your responsibilities and go to some faraway place to help starving children.

But if you have an inkling that you do want to step into more active work in the world as a healer, writer, speaker, social entrepreneur or spiritual activist, you can find your way through to how to manifest that.  You can do that, if it calls to your heart. You can break through what’s blocking you from understanding how that destiny will unfold. Yes, indeed.

What is important is that you are connecting into the truth that you–we–have a vision for a better world for this and future generations.  There are many pathways and the first place to start is with yourself.

Through your healing journey and the deepening of your spiritual path, you can hold fast to the Mind of Love, Compassion and Peace.  You can cultivate these precious Heart Qualities which then ripple out along with hundreds of thousands of others.  Eventually, like in the story of the Hundredth Monkey, that energy matrix will shift the hearts and minds of others.

As an energy healer, I understand personally how powerful the movement of energy is.

Many indigenous and Native peoples also understand this vital truth.  The Kogi people, for example, speak eloquently about it in the documentary Aluna the Movie. They seek to teach their “Little Brothers”–those of us who live in this confused and confusing world we call western civilization–about the importance of maintaining through intention, prayer and ceremony the delicate and vital balance of Mother Earth and her peoples.

I know this from my own life and how, as I healed my own symptoms of PTSD, a doorway opened into healing the collective wounds of humanity.

I know this from long years studying the wisdom and essential practices of Buddhism and of Native American peacekeepers such as Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo.

I have always found love at the center of the hardest story.  I have grown the seed of Who I Truly Am.  I have found strength, kindness and and unshakeable peace within. I have found my voice calling for change.

I believe that everything I do is having an impact. And even if I do not see a real sea change in my own lifetime, all my prayers for a New Earth of peace, healing and compassion will come to be.  I see so many of us dreaming together in this way.

There is great light at the center of the chaos.

There are pathways through which to work with these appearances of fear, hatred, greed and war and plant the seeds of transformation. The steps to getting out of overwhelm, fear and hopelessness are available to you.  The first step is to work with what is within you.

They are very small and intimate.  They can be woven into your day to day life as prayer, meditation, and ceremonies.

And if you have a calling to be actively engaged as a creative visionary, healer, spiritual activist, teacher or thought leader, these practices will open the pathways to help you get beyond your fear, self-doubt and confusion so you can finally step up and out to do it.

Yes,  I tell you: I have hope for the end of this insanity. I have hope that we are slowly, inexorably, building a New Earth of compassion and peace.

Have I intrigued you, inspired you? Am I speaking to your heart?

Have I given you hope just by reading this?

Because all you have to do is read this. That’s all.  If I can ignite the spark of hope in your heart, then I have done my job.

I can also teach you what I have learned, what I know.  Humbly and sweetly!

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